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Amret Covert Flewelling, wife of Samuel Ezekiel Flewelling. Died 15 Sep 1900 .
Pictured with grandson Lincoln Loring Hayes (b. 31 May 1883) of Lewiston Maine, son of Sylvanus Hayes ad Samantha Amanda Flewelling Hayes.
Paternal grandmother to Milton Flewelling.


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Taken in front of the Charles E Flewelling home.

Front: Driver- Harvey Flewelling, Passenger-Earl Foren

Rear : behind driver, Milton Flewelling, Rear Passenger: Moody Wright

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November 1919

–Saturday, November 1, 1919 (weather rainy )
I plowed in a.m. out back p.m. worked on church. Harvey took 18 feet wood over to Garfield Cray

[not paid]

–Sunday, November 2, 1919 (weather fine)
Had sunday School and 3 meetings today

–Monday, November 3, 1919 (weather fine)
I went up back and plowed on buckwheat ground today H took 12 bbls with Ruby and Mert. $3.30  3.30×12/$39.60


–Tuesday, November 4, 1919 (weather fine)
We worked on church wall with team on west side.

–Wednesday, November 5 (weather snowed)
I went up back andhauled off some stumps and it snowed I came down Hauled some and put it in cellar.

–Thursday, November 6 1919 (weather stormy)
It snowed about 3 inches last night. We put wood in shed a.m.  P.M I put wood in cellar  H worked on C.

–Friday, November 7, 1919 (weather fine)
I plowed out bakc all day Harvey tood car over to Hibbert’s and left it. He worked on church in p.m.

–Saturday, November 8, 1919 (weather fine)
I cooded a pot of potatoes and worked on church Harvey plowed some out back We graded  around church.

–Sunday, November 9 1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

–Monday, November 10, 1919 (weather fine)
I and Harvey and Papa put bees in cleear Harvey and Austin went with grist today 24 bbls. I worked on church today.

–November 11, 1919 (weather fine)
I racked potatoes 18 bbls spuds in  a.m.

–November 12, 1919 (weather fine)

I took  25 bbl potatoes over and tried to get horses shod and couldn’t. got $3.25 worked on church pm.0

–November 13, 1919 (weather rainy)

we had fiolic lathing today got nearly done.

–November 14, 1919 (weather fine)

I helped dug thresh alday today Harvey worked on church some.

–November 15, 1919 (weather fine)

Harvey took 3 horses over and got them shod I put in wood. They plastered the church today got done 8:45 pm.

–November 16, 1919 (weather fine)

Had Sunday School and 3 meetings no body special in.

–November 17, 1919 (weather fine)

I and Harvey hauled around wood in shed. Harvey went down to Piece Wolverton’s to help thrash. Moody Charles and I went to Woodstock.

–November 18, 1919 (weather fine)

They threshed here today threshed out 100 bu

–November 19, 1919 (weather fine)

Harvey hauled cord wood to Mr. Cass.

–November 20, 1919 (weather fine)

Harvey Papa Carle Austin Arnold and Fred went to Woodstock today. Dugh done the choirs.

blank days

November 24, 1919 (weather fine)

Came home from woodstock tonight. roads very bad

–November 25, 1919 (weather fine)

We split some wood and choired around here

–November 26, 1919 (weather fine)

We ground an axe and fixed back door. Harvey and Mamma started for Joels. We went up back and cut few logs.

–November 27, 1919 (weather fine)

Thanksgiving day Moody Earle Papa Dave and Cliff went to Washburn. I didn’t do much

–November 28, 1919 (weather fine)

I friged around here a.m. doing choirs Papa didn’t come home. Dave and I moved gas engine up to his place pm.

–November 29,1919 (weather stormy)

Austin and I went up to Daves and moved separator up and threshed his buckwheat out 100 bushel.

–November 30, 1919 (weather fine)

Had Sunday School and 3 meetings today

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“Farm and Home” journals of Milton Lloyd Flewelling, a family farmer in Easton Maine, Aroostook County.
(various entries from March 16, 1919-September 6, 1930.)

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Charles Flewelling, Susan Keziah Valley Flewelling with daughters Jennie, Grace, Alice and Mable and son Charles Samuel. circ 1896-1898

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Harvey Edward Flewelling
(18 Mar 1899-07 Mar 1957)

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Washburn Church 1918-1920?
As noted by the early entries in Milton’s journals, the Flewellings went to church frequently on Sunday. The reason is that a number of Milton Flewelling’s family members and friends left their mainline denominations to become part of a new revival movement, Pentecost. They often traveled to various churches in the area to gather with others following this new movement.- Mars Hill, Washburn, Woodstock are just a few of the places. washburn-church-1918_1920.JPG

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