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Wellington Bartley and Alice Flewelling family

BR: Claude, Herman, Alden, Vivian, Martin, Austin

FR: Eugene, Katrina, Wellington, Alice, Velma, Grace

Alice was the eldest daughter of Charles H Flewelling and Susan Valley

bartley family2

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mlffarm2 copy

Milton F Flewelling Farm, River de Chute, Easton Maine circa 1965.

Built by his father, Charles H Flewelling.


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The Ladner School, 1928

Easton Ladner School 1928

Easton Ladner School 1928 (Click on image to enlarge)

Source: Star Herald on Wednesday Jan. 31 1990

Left front: Thearn Grant, Roy Flewelling, Boyd Curtis, Ralph Clark and Murray Gray.

Second Row: Viola Gray, Thelma Doak, Naomi Clark, Jean Tompkins, Lila Gray, Vera Clark, Lillian Curtis, Eunice Ladner, Grace Tompkins, Fannie Grant, Joseph Clark, Luella Doak, Ressa Flewelling, Alice Clark, Fern Ladner, and Glenna Clark.

Third Row: Vere Ames, Adonis Ames, Walter Clark, Edna Fuller, Montford Ladner, Beulah Wright, Lena/ Rena Fuller, Paul Wright, Helen Porter, and Miss Anna Drew teacher.

Back row: Eugene Boulier, Ruth Lint, and Dora Fuller.

Photo from Fannie Bolster.


Beulah and Paul Wright are the children of Mabel (Flewelling) and Moody Wright and niece and nephew of Milton. They soon would be living in South Africa as children of missionaries.

Montford Ladner and Fern Ladner: son of Banford Ladner and Jennie Flewelling Ladner and niece and nephew of Milton.  Jennie was a sister to Milton.

Boyd and Lillian Curtis, children of Hazel Flewelling and Walter Curtis. Hazel was the daughter of Boyd A Flewelling.

Roy and Ressa Flewelling, children of Roy Flewelling, grandchildren of Boyd A Flewelling.

Gray children: Murray, Viola and Lela Gray, children of Henry Gray and Bertha Doak

Clark children: Walter, Alice and Vera Clark, children of George Clark and Vaida Fuller





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washburn-pentecostal church

Washburn Pentecostal Church c.1918-1920

Pentecostal Church Plans Convention At Washburn

WASHBURN — The Washburn Pentecostal Church, mother church of Pentecost in northern Maine, and the first organized Pentecostal Church in the state, will conduct a 50th golden anniversary convention June 17-26.

The convocation will also be a homecoming of former pastors, missionaries, laymen and friends.

There will be two services daily during the convention, at 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday services will be at 10:45 a.m., 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m.

Rooms and meals will be provided for guests by the host church.

A welcome has been extended to public by Pastor Kenneth M. MacDonald.

Highlights of the anniversary will include: the evening speaker, Evangelist and Mrs. Ernest Berquest of Tampa, Fla. with their ministry in sermon and song. A dedication service will be conducted Sunday, June 19, at 2:30 p. m. for the newly enlarged and remodeled sanctuary and additional Sunday school rooms.

The Rev. Clifford Crabtree, pastor of the Pentecostal assembly and formerly of Bangor, will be the speaker.

Thursday, June 23, is missionary day with the Rev. and Mrs. Dale Umphrey of Washburn, who are Assembly of God missionaries in the state of Alaska, and Rev. William Wilson, former missionaries of South Africa.

Elder and Mrs. Nelson J. Magoon, of Washburn, rented Mormon Church on Main Street in 1915. The attendance was large and overflow meetings were held in both the Baptist and Methodist Churches. F. Harold Bickford, Mars Hill, assisted in the evangelistic services during the revival.

In the summer of 1916, the town hall was rented and services were continued there. The Washburn Church of Pentecostal Assembly Power was then established having been the first organized Pentecostal Assembly In the state of Maine and the mother church of Pentecost in Aroostook County.

A foundation for a new building was started on the present site and materials and labor were donated.

It was completed and dedicated in 1917. Tent meetings were conducted several months later with Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. These meetings were attended by Moody Wright, Charles Flewelling Sr. who became missionaries to Africa and Clifford Crabtree, now pastor of the Pentecostal Assembly in Bangor.

Elder Magoon, pastor and president of the church, died in 1935, eleven years after the passing of his wife. Their ministry was continued by Eugene Kimball, Norma Bickford, the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Pinkham, Bessie Jackson and Chriselda Cash, Dean Rarrison and Howard Libby, together with George Baker, served as interim pastors, the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Post, the Rev. and Mrs. Renhard Sands, Ethel Sinclair Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. William Gunderson, the Rev. and Mrs. Vernon Cardiff. the Rev. and Mrs. Cyril T. Chegwin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skane, the Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd Sparks and presently the Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth MacDonald, who began their pastorate in August, 1965.

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Photo: Grace Flewelling Wright


Estella Grace Flewelling Wright, sister of Milton Flewelling. Wife of Scott Lee Leigh Wright
Born between September 1889-1891 in Easton Maine. 

Died in Victoria Co, New Brunswick Canada on June 28 1918. She lived there for two years.

Cause of Death: Nephritis (kidney inflammation)
Contributing cause: puerperal convulsions (post childbirth fever – no record of living child)

Father’s Name Charles H. Flewelling

Father’s Birthplace Victoria County, New Brunswick

Mother’s Maiden Name Susie  Valley

Mother’s Birthplace Victoria County, New Brunswick

Reported By J. T. Dilling M.D.

Recorded by W. J. Sawyer


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The Maine Memory Network includes an image of the BA Flewelling daughters of Easton.

Lillian b. 1894 (Dean), Florence b. 1899 (Lamoreau), Hazel b. 1896 (Curtis), Gladys b. 1898 (Porter)

This photo was taken in the late 1910s or early 1920s because both Hazel and Gladys were married in 1918.

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Samuel Ezekiel Flewelling, grandfather to Milton, was born in Kingston, Kings Co, New Brunswick on 30 Jul 1822.  He is the son of Ezekiel Flewelling and Charity Craft.

According to the Easton (Maine) Centennial booklet, Samuel Flewelling moved to Easton Maine in 1871.

Samuel died in Woodland, Aroostook Co, Maine  on 15 Dec 1897. Woodland is near Caribou Maine.

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Photo of the children of Samuel E Flewelling and Amret Covert (photo taken before 1913)

Back:Charles Henry Flewelling (father of Milton) , Albert Alonzo Flewelling
Middle: Hattie Zillith Young, James Lebarron Street Flewelling
Front: William Scovil Flewelling, Alma Agnetta Flewelling, Boyd Alvine (BA) Flewelling, Samantha Amanda Flewelling Hayes

In 1885 William S Flewelling moved to Colorado and then to Ogden Utah.

Missing Children:
Sarah M Flewelling d. 1877
Mary Ann Adelia Flewelling d. 1854
Lemuel Ezekiel Flewelling d. 1860
Naida Maud Flewelling d. 1886

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Jennie V Flewelling (sister of Milton Flewelling) and husband Banford Ladner. Married 02 May 1906

Children: Montford, Merlin, Fern E Ladner, Living, Living, child d 1931.

Jennie died 26 Feb 1931.

Banford died 24 Nov 1966.

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Amret Covert Flewelling, wife of Samuel Ezekiel Flewelling. Died 15 Sep 1900 .
Pictured with grandson Lincoln Loring Hayes (b. 31 May 1883) of Lewiston Maine, son of Sylvanus Hayes ad Samantha Amanda Flewelling Hayes.
Paternal grandmother to Milton Flewelling.


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