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May 1920

Sat May 1 (weather fine) We started on garage 4 of us.  got it up and most of rafters up tonight. Basil got the black horses shod $7.00 new shoes.

Sun May 2Had Sunday School and 3 meetings  Haynes and wife were here.

Mon May 3 (weather cold) We cut and yarded 7 drags and got load logs  H was up to Deans we cut logs p.m.

Tues May 4 (weather fine) We cut some drags and load logs a.m. p.m. we cut logs in holler brought down load.

Wed May 5 (weather fine) I took load potatoes $9.75 12 bbl. Harvey and George worked on garage.

Thur May 6 (weather fine) We gathered and washed cans a.m. Harvey took load cobblers $10.00 15 lbs.

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April 1920

Thurs Apr 1 (weather fine) Harvey Austin Arnold and Clifford went to Woodstock. Moody & Papa gathered 1 round team.

Fri Apr 2 (weather fine) I went up to camp and built fire., split wood 1 cord. p.m. we taped 100 gathered west round turn.Harvey  came home 11:30 tonight.

Sat Apr 3 (weather snowy fine pm) I took over 12 bbl $6.25 Harvey and Papa got 3 loads of hardwood ?? 8 . We gathered sap 6 or can about 4 ??? Harvey brought down a load wood.

Sun Apr 4 Had Sunday School and 2 meetings  Mr Carter was here. Had meetings here.

Mon Apr 5 (weather fine) Went up and cut two load logs and gathered 3 round turns a.m. In p.m. gathered 2 round turns and got 1 load logs 1 load wood

Tues Apr 6 (weather rainy) Papa went up and boiled . we racked some potatoes a.m. gathered 5 punches sap . Harvey is going to boul tonight.

Wed Apr 7 (weather fine) I boiled all day today. Harvey took load furniture for Bro. Clark I boiled till 5:30 Thurs morning.

Thur Apr 8 (weather fine)  I slept til 11.15 H. boiled  Brother Clark came and got team today. Wellie and I killed hog. 183

Fri Apr 9 (weather fine) George Clark and I gathered sap in p.m. He started working today at noon.

Sat Apr 10 (weather fine) We got load logs hardwood logs  We got ready and Harvey took us to River de Chure . arrived at Woodstock 4:30. They gathered all the cans again tonight.

Sun Apr 11 (weather fine) Had good Sunday all day. Andrew Ladners funeral here today.

Mon Apr 12 (weather fine) I came home today  walked from upper kent They gathered sap today.

Tues Apr 13 (weather  rainy) I dident do much. Bro Clark boiled Took 4 horse team got syrip on wagon.

Wed Apr 14 (weather dull) I dident do very much We got 3 logs with 4 horses gathered 1 round turn. Harvey and Bro Clakk gathered sap p.m. got syrip

Thur Apr 15 (weather fine) I did choirs split wood  H got log up to Herbs. Twitched out some slip. We taped 150 new ones run good

Fri Apr 16 (weather rainy) Papa and Harvey went to Woodstock. We cut wood  George and I

Sat Apr 17 (weather fine) We gathered all the sap. boiled some.

Sun Apr 18 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings. no preachers today.

Mon Apr 19 [blank]

Tues Apr 20 [blank]

Wed Apr 21 [blank]

Thur Apr 22 (weather fine) Hauled manure out back 4 load 2 teams Harvey hauled load potatoes 15 bbls 4 horses $8.75

Fri Apr 23 (weather stormy) We were up to sap woods gathered 1 1/2 pun. sap p.m. racked potatoes  fixed horse stall.

Sat Apr 24 (weather snowing) Harvey and I hauled out wood from woods 4 face cords. p.m. we cut wood and yarded mill shut no one to daul in to slip. George  helped us.

Sun Apr 25 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

Mon Apr 26 (weather fine) I piled down to mill all day.  Harvey got load of straw  out to river.

Tues Apr 27  George and I gathered sap 1 1/2 punchons run good. Harvey hauled out slabs.

Wed Apr 28 (weather rainy) We went up and cut some drags yarded some. George cut bushes p.m. We hauled out 4 load slabs

Thur Apr 29 (weather fine) Clark cut slabs in mill today for himself Harvey hauled 3 loads for him. We put rest of our logs in.

Fri Apr 30 (weather fine) We went up and got some yarded cut some 90 drags yarded now. We hauled out slabs and drug road p.m. Clark boiled sap

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March 1920

Mon. Mar 1 (weather fine) I hauled down 6 load of wood today.

Tues. Mar 2 (weather fine) I split wood about 5 cord. Papa made 4 axe handles. I broke 2.

Wed. Mar 3 (weather fine) I and Moody went up to Johnstons and got load wood in a.m. Got rest of wood up there and got load of block wood & solid cord.

Thurs. Mar 4. (weather fine) I took cord wood over to Parker Kinney in a.m. 3 horses. Papa was up to Fosters. I split wood in p.m.

Fri Mar 5 (weather warm) We went down to Ned Porters and got his faning mill and faned our wheat over 45 bus. 6 bus. buckwheat. put double wagon in.

Sat. Mar 6 (weather warm in a.m. stormy p.m) I fixed Walter’s drag. painted wagon brake and friged around. Papa went up to Wellies. We went up and broke road in to the woods and I hauled down 3 load block wood.

Sun Mar 7 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and meetings here.

Mon Mar 8 (weather fine) I split face cord wood Moody and I went up to Wellys and back.

Tues Mar 9 (weather fine) Uncle Bert went Fort. took 1Q his wheat I racked potatoes in p.m.

Wed Mar 10 (weather fine) I spli wood in shed a.m. P.m. we hauled wood up to church and Moodys

Thur Mar 11 (weather fine) I split wood circular wood today Whites got 2 loads wood

Fri Mar 12 (weather warm rained a.m.) I went up to woods and helped Carl salb wood. 3 cords in a.m.  1 cord 43 min. p.m. dident do anything.

Sat Mar 13 *(weather warm) We went up to church and dug drain to get water out of cellar. roads impassible with team  Harvey walked to Presque Isle  I went up back and fed sheep p.m. 3 lambs

Sun Mar 14 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings in church. Welley is quite sick

Mon Mar 15 (weather windy) Earl and I went up and finished slabing his work a.m.  I went up and got sheep p.m.

Tues Mar 16 (weather fine) We pitched straw up out of bay fixed pen for sheep. Papa and Mama went up to Wellies

Wed Mar 17 (weather warm) I went down to mill and helped fill boiler 2 hrs I hauled 1 1/2 ton fir for Herb

Thur Mar 18 (weather fine) We went up in woods and cut some logs on crest.

Fri Mar 19 (weather fine) I hauled logs for Welley today. Went 5 trips 45 tons

Sat Mar 20 (weather fine) We went up to woods and cut some logs.

Sun Mar 21 (weather fine) Had 3 meetings and Sunday School. Good crowd.

Mon. Mar 22 (weather fine) I went down to Jim Mahaney and got calf. We went up to woods and got 6 rafters. I took 1/2 cord wood over to Earn. pm $5.00

Tues Mar 23 (weather fine) Papa and I worked in mill in a.m.  They went over to town meeting. hauled load of potatoes p.m. $5.00 10 bbl

Wed Mar 24 (weather fine) We went up to Fred Fosters. Moody and Mama went up to Fort. We finished shingling  6 o’clock

Thur Mar 25 (weather fine) We went up to sap woods and taped trees. We broke up with team p.m. taped ?? 18 today

Fri Mar 26 (weather fine) We went up and taped 100 . Basil took 1/2 cord wood over to Earn. We hauled sawdust p.m. I went over and got Harvey and Mildred . Brought double team.

Sat. Mar 27 (weather rainy) Austin and I finished getting sawdust 3 loads. We racked potatoes p.m.

Sun Mar 28 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings . good crowd.

Mon Mar 29 [blank)

Tues Mar 30 (blank)

Wed Mar 31 (weather fine) I cut my leg. boiled sap all day. Harvey got 1 load logs and racked potatoes.

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February 1920

Sun. Feb. 1 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

Mon. Feb. 2 (weather fine) Papa and I went up to the woods and got 2 load logs Earl went up to Charlie Johstons and got circular saw we sawed wood p.m.

Tues. Feb. 3 (weather fine) We sawed circular wood.

Wed. Feb. 4 (weather fine) We finished shed sawing circular wood here. we went out to Clearview to meeting tonight. Pauline Moody Mabel Papa and I took Dame and Don got home 2 oclock

Thurs. Feb. 5 (weather fine) We moved machine up to Moodys and sawed his wood got done 3:30 Dug went over after the electricians and didn;t get them.

Fri. Feb. 6  ( weather stormy) I went up and got Jennie we hauled load straw. p.m. We hauled 2 load of hay.

Sat. Feb. 7 (weather stormy roads very bad) I oiled harness in p.m.

Sun. Feb. 8 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and meeting here painted church floor Saturday  roads in bad condition.

Mon. Feb. 9 (weather fine) We broke road up to woods got one tree.. hauled down 2 load logs in p.m.

Tues. Feb. 10 (weather fine) We broke new road up to back barn got 1 load hay and seperator got 3 load of logs.

Wed. Feb. 11 (weather stormy) Hauled 1 solid cord wood to Earn Demerchant  1/2 cird ti truo $13.00 roads in bad condition. got pair.

Thurs. Feb 12 (weather fine) We got 2 or 3 load logs today snow deep 2′ 6″

Fri. Feb. 13 (weather fine) I tool cord wood to Robberts a.m. started for Kilburn missed train went toBath Mrs Killum had meeting there good meeting stayed to hotel.

Sat. Feb. 14 Went to Woodstock arrived 4:30 I got new overcoat $26.00 @ Bath.

Sun. Feb. 15 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Extra good in Woodstock. No special workers in . Clifford and I stayed to Ralkho . Austin stayed to Grants.

Mon. Feb. 16 (weather fine) We went up to Grants to dinner down to Bro. Will Bragdon;s after dinner. Left Woodstock for home 3.35 walked home from train roads bad.

Tues. Feb. 17 (weather fine) We set up machine and threshed run out 87 … threshed 40 bu in 34 min.  20 bunin 19 min. Donald heled up Black down came in.

Wed. Feb. 18 (weather fine) I hauled down 2 load wood a.m. In p.m. I hauled down 2 load wood. We went out to Clearview tonight roads bad.

Thur. Feb. 19 (weather stormy) I split 1/2 cord wood morning and took it over to Roberts got $10.00 out of it. very bad storm in p.m.

Fri. Feb. 20 (weather fine) I broke down dooryard. Cut ice off from roof  I slid off from the roof about 65′. Do cut ice p.m. Austin Moody Dave Papa & I

Sat. Feb. 21 (Weather fine)  I hooked out to bobsled and broke road to provance p.m. we went up to back barn and pitched hay up from bay. Moody helped up.

Sun. Feb. 22 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 2 meeting here  everything closed up on account of Flu.

Mon. Feb. 23 (weather warm) Papa Earl Ran Moddy wnet up to Fred Fosters. I hauled cord wood up to Milton Grays for Earl. I shoveled out wood pile.

Tues. Feb. 24 (weather stormy) I took cord wood over to Parker Kinney in a.m. with 3 horses . I split wood in p.m.

Wed. Feb. 25 (weather stormy) I hung axe and split wood. Papa went down to Prats.

Thur. Feb. 26 (weather windy) I went up back on snowshoes and fed sheep and broke down dooryard fixed little shed I helped Donald haul around wood.

Fri. Feb. 27 (weather stormy) We split wood in a.m. I oiled single harness Papa finished spliting wood.

Sat. Feb. 28 (weather fine) We broke roads up to boundry line and up to wood pile. a.m. I hauled down 3 gags wood roads very bad.

Sun. Feb. 29 (weather fine) Had meeting here and Sunday School here not very many here.


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January 1920

January 1920

Jan 1. (weather stormy)
We went up and sawed in AM. shaft wouldn’t stay on shut down 3 PM Earl went down and riped a new one. We filled up some limb wood. Charlie  F,  Moody went to Woodstock.

Jan. 2 (weather fine)
We sawed today finished up sawing here about 4.30 PM

Jan 3 (weather cold)
We cut limb wood today. Randolph helped us I haluled down 4 load. Quit 4 o’clock.

Jan. 4 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School in A.M. 2 meetings no workers in. Big crowd in evening.

Jan. 5 (weather fine )
We went up and moved machine down set up in A. M. Sawed 40 drags in P.M. and Earl cut.

Jan. 6 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today sawed 69 drags. Charlie helped up Earn and I cut. moved Dugs engine over to Herbs.

Jan. 7 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today. Broke saw and saw guide. Austin and I went down and got piece for it. Went over to Willie Dean’s to meeting and got 10 gal gas 2 files. $3.70

Jan. 8 (weather warm ) We sawed today cut 63 drags. David went to Dover. Clifford worked in his place.

Jan. 9 (weather ) Went up and cut some . broke bolts out of shaft shut down 11 a.m. Earl and I went down afternoon. Austin tool load wood to Garfield Cray.

Jan. 10 (weather fine) We went up and sawed about 5 drags. broke all bolts out and shut down. had dinner loaded engine  on sle and Chub and I started for Fort Fairfield got thea 23o back home 6:30

Jan. 11  (weather fine) Sunday School and 3 meetings big crowd in evening.

Jan. 12 (weather fine) We went up and cut limb wood a.m. hauled in p.m.

Jan. 13 (weather fine) Went up and got 1 load and finel rack. Austin and Ran made their rack up in the woods.

Jan. 14 (weather fine) We cut and hauled down today.

Jan. 15 (weather fine) Moody and I went up and got 2 load limb wood a.m. Ausin got 1 load for him. a.m.
p.m. we got 2 more load 5 load in all

Jan. 16 (weather fine) Earl and I went up and cut 1 load and brought it down. Charlie Ran and Papa buchered. 1 weighted 294  the other 162  Papa and I went up and got 3 load wood p.m.

Jan. 17 (weather sunny) I hauled down block wood today. 3 load and split 2 face cord p.m.

Jan. 18 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings roads bad. Mr Jones and Catherine and Bell went to afternoon meeting.

Jan. 19 (weather cold) Papa and I went up to Herbs and got Dugs engine. we went up back and set up a.m. P.m. threshed our wheat over 50 bus.

Jan. 20 ( weather cold) We went up and threshed oats 56 ber. a.m. brought down. load straw I took 17 feet wood over to Garfield p.m.

Jan. 21 (weather fine) We hauled down hay Frank and Ran helped us. 12 load in all. We went to Mars Hill to meeting.

Jan. 22. (weather fine) We came up Charlie and I We hauled down load hay. Papa and Chub Earl and Winnie went to Mars Hill.

Jan. 23 (weather fine) I split wood a.m. Broke my ace handle p.m.

Jan. 24 (weather cold) I took Papa down to Wills I got Ran  a.m. took cord wood over to Ford Bowers with 4 horses. spent 3.25

Jan. 25 (weather cold) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Charlie is down to Mars Hill.

Jan. 26 (weather fine) Went up and hauled down 4 load block wood  went down and met Papa racked over load potatoes.

Jan. 27 (weather warm) I took 15 bbls potatoes over got $5.90 racked my load got home ….I racked 10 bbls. p.m.

Jan. 28 (weather fine) I racked up 8 bbl and split 1/2 cord wood a.m. I split wood a.m. broke axe Potatoes 5.65

Jan. 29 (weather warm) Moody and I got load straw for horse shed brought billy down I got load block wood.

Jan. 30 (weather stormy) I went up to Johnstons and got 1 cord wood p.m. I split wood

Jan. 31 (weather cold and windy 30 below zero) We didn’t do much today.

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