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Source: 1920 Census, Easton, Aroostook County, Maine

Farm 83 88
Flewelling, Charles H ,55, 1873 to US, (head), O (Owner), F (Free not mortgaged) Milton’s father
Susie S, 46, 1885 to US [nee Valley]
Charles S. 24
Harvey E. 20
Milton L, 17

Families listed below Charles Flewelling

Farm — 89
Foren, Earl C.
— Winnie [nee Brown]

Flewelling, Roy [son of Boyd Flewelling]
Roy Alfred

Curtis, Walter
Baird, Philon

Flewelling, Boyd A [brother to Charles H Flewelling]
Brown, Frank [Hattie’s brother]

Miller, Stanley

Wolverton, Annie

Wolverton, Percy

Lynch, Michael
Fallon, Peter

Mahaney, James W

Mahaney, Thomas
Townsend, Florence
Townsend, Gardner
Mahaney, Mary, sister

Mahaney, John P
John E
Hummell, Margaret, servant

Smith, George

Lunney, Thomas

Mahaney, Theodore

Neighbors listed above Charles Flewelling in the 1920 Census

Flewelling, Perley

Wright, Moody

Wright, Randolph

Graves, Bliss

Ladner, Jacob

Ladner, Archie

Wolverton, Douglas

Ladner, Banford

Hoyt, Elvin

Bowers, Lloyd

Doak, Melvina

Gray, Ellwood

Doak, Charles

Larsen, Hanford

Gray, Henry

Larsen, Wilmot

Gray, Milton

MacDonald, Alexander

Clark, George

Kneeland, George

Fuller, George

Sloat, Laura

Rackcliffe, Earl

Wright, George

Barnes, Ora

Cass, William

Milbury, Judson

Doak, John E

Workman, Alexander

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October 1919

–Wednesday, October 1, 1919 (weather fine )
We went up back and dug and racked and picked ground. 168 off from 41 rows finished digging

–Thursday , October 2, 1919 (weather fine)
We all went to George and dug 244 bbl. The boys went to Mars Hill tonight.

–Friday, October 3, 1919 (weather rainy )
We racked 2 load potatoes and hauled them in p.m. $2.25

–Saturday, October 4, 1919 (weather rainy )
We went up back and spread straw and plowed Dave and Beacher [*Beecher Wright, brother to Moody] came down and helped us in pm.

–Sunday, October 5, 1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings. Moody and Mabel went to Mars Hill. Harvey, Austin [*Austin Bartley, nephew of Milton] Cliff and I went down in evening.

–Monday, October 6, 1919 (weather fine)
We didint do much Harvey and David went over to Jim Faun’s and got 10 bags of apples I fixed new wagon.

–Tuesday, October 7, 1919 (weather fine )
I took load of wood over Garfield in a.m. 1/2 cord Harvey plowed I plowed in p.m. He spread straw.

–Wednesday, October 8, 1919 (weather fine )
I plowed out back plowed 100 furs Harvey is up to Daves.

–Thursday, October 9, 1919 (weather fine)
We went up back and plowed today Harvey came down from Daves He went with load of potatoes. I finished plowing there.

–Friday, October 10, 1919 (weather rainy)
I fixed windows Harvey racked some culls I helped Walter Curtis thrash 1 1/2 hours a.m. We spread manure in p.m.

–Saturday, October 11, 1919 (weather dull)
I plowed out here today. Harvey blowed some stumps.

–Sunday, October 12, 1919 (weather )
Had Sunday School in and 3 meetings today Gid Henderson was out.

–Monday, October 13, 1919 (weather )
I spread manure 1 load in a.m. Harvey plowed out back 14 furs. We dug cellar for church in p.m.

–Tuesday, October 14, 1919 (weather )
I finished hauling out manure today. Harvey plowed out back in a.m. out here in p.m.

–Wednesday, October 15, 1919 (weather )
I plowed out here in a.m. Harvey hauled lumber up to church yard. He went over and got load of lumber in a.m.

— Thursday, October 16, 1919 (weather dull)
We all worked on church. Beacher came down and plowed for us.

–Friday, October 17, 1919 (weather fine)
We worked on church. Beacher came and plowed for us.

–Saturday, October 18, 1919 (weather fine)
We worked on church today. Moody got rods and one was shod . we shingled in p.m. Beacher came and plowed for us.

–Sunday, October 19, 1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings today.

–Monday, October 20, 1919 (weather fine )
I plowed out here today. Harvey worked out back hauled out stumps.

–Tuesday, October 21, 1919 (weather cold)
I finished plowing out here this a.m. Harvey blowed stumps. I plowed out back this p.m. (raining now.
–Wednesday, October 22, 1919 (weather fine)
I plowed out back today Harvey stumped

–Thursday, October 23, 1919 (weather fine )
I plowed out back today.

–Friday, October 24, 1919 (weather fine)
I plowed out back today.

–Saturday, October 25, 1919 (weather )
We went up back and plowed and blowed stumped and cmae down at noon and racked load of potatoes H took 20 bbls. in p.m. 7 bbls. of Daves $3.05, I plowed some out back.

–Sunday, October 26, 1919 (weather dull)
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings today

–Monday, October 27, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I went up back and plowed and blowed stumps brought down seperator p.m. got Dugs engine and set up and threshed 31 bushels.

–Tuesday, October 28, 1919 (weather )
I cleaned out hen pen and washed harness. Harvey fixed pump Harness

Mission blew down tonight.

–Wednesday, October 29, 1919 (weather )
Harvey plowed out back I worked on mission . Uncle Bert [*Albert Alonzo Flewelling] had team in p.m.

–Thursday, October 30, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey racked potatoes. I plowed today. H. took load of potatoes in p.m. ($3.25 ) 20 bbls

–Friday, October 31, 1919 (weather rainy)
I plowed all day today sod in a.m. Potatoe ground in p.m. Harvey racked.

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September 1919

–Monday, September 1, 1919 (weather fine)
We dug 15 bbl of potatoes in a.m. I took them over in pm. and got $3.00 got horses shod got home 10 clock.

–Tuesday, September 2, 1919 (weatherfine)
We went out back and reap outs a.m. went out back p.m. and hauled in two load of grain.

–Wednesday, September 3, 1919 (weather rainy)
We thrashed load of grain water. Grant helped us. I oiled harness in pm.

–Thursday, September 4, 1919 (weather fine)
Went up to Georges and got lumber and mixed at Don Ames [*Adonis Ames].

–Friday, September 5, 1919 (weather fine)
Hauled in grain out her 5 load Mabel helped us load 2 load. Ned Porter [*James Nesbitt Porter] bound our wheat p.m. H and I went up and stacked it up after supper.

–Saturday, September 6, 1919 (weather rainy)
We mixed concrete Oscar helped in pm. and thrashed load of grain.
[*Lemuel Oscar Flewelling was married to Fern Doak, 12 Nov 1919]

–Sunday, September 7, 1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and meeting and Baptism 5 baptised Randolph George and wife and Arnold.

–Monday, September 8, 1919 (weather dull )
Didint do much in a.m. We went up and Dug out load of potatoes 17 bbl Harvey brought Dick and Kit down.

–Tuesday, September 9, 1919 (weather fine)
I took load of potatoes in a.m. took Kit and Dick and couldint get them shod. e turned over some gain. Harvey Charlie and I dug load of potatoes 19 bbl.

–Wednesday, September 10, 1919 (weather rainy)
Harvey took load of potatoes went to Dick and Don 19 bbl $3.oo I split some wood p.m. we dug load of potatoes 18 bbl.

–Thursday, September 11, 1919 (weather rainy)
I got up and started 5.30 with load of potatoes 17 bbl. $2.60 Got Kit shod $1.50 Harvey went to Fort.

–Friday, September 12, 1919 (weather rainy )
I took load of wood to Garfield Cray 1/2 cord didint do much in p.m. Harvey went to Woodstck Charlie took him out.

–Saturday, September 13,1919 (weather fine )
I went up back and hauled off stmps. and stucked some wheat. p.m. stuked wheat came down and raked scatterns with Mert out here.

–Sunday, September 14, 1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Herb is at Woodstock today.

–Monday, September 15, 1919 (weather fine)
I ground sythe and went up back and reap buckwheat and turned over oats and took down load of oats. Papa and Charlie and I hauled in wheat 4 load 1 load of oats.

–Tuesday, September 16,1919 (weather fine)
We went up back and mowed newland Charlie racked scatterns We hauled in oats 6 load with scatterns.

–Wednesday, September 17, 1919 (weather rainy)

–Thursday, September 18,1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I went back and dug a while. Andrew and Mr Snow came up and tested our potatoes 65 bbl to acre p.m. we went up back adding 44 bbls.

–Friday, September 19, 1919 (weather fine )
We took 2 teams up back and dug 40 bbls and came down I went down to Oscar’s and picked 40 bbl in pm. Harvey and Charlie finished digging up back.

–Saturday, September 20, 1919 (weather dull)
We mowed machine out back and thrashed buckwheat 195 bushels and came down and Papa Charlie Mama and I went to Woodstock.

–Sunday, September 21,1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Brother Ells. and other workers were there Big crowds.

–Monday, September 22, 1919 (weather rainy )
we came up from Woodstock around by Houlton we took cattle out back and fixed fence Harvey went up to Dave’s.

–Tuesday, September 23, 1919

–Wednesday, September 24, 1919 (weather fine )
Harvey went to Fort with load lumber and brought back …..
I went up to Dave’s with machine broke engine.
we hauled in 10 load of grain.

–Thursday, September 25, 1919 (weather fine)
we started in digging on side hill dug 165 bbl.

–Friday, September 26, 1919 (weather fine )
we finished on side hill and racked and picked over ground dug 14 rows on flag tonight.

–Saturday, September 27, 1919
finished up to Dave’s 10 a.m. and moved down machine and dug 31 bbl from 4 to 6 p.m.

–Sunday, September 28, 1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

–Monday, September 29, 1919 (weather fine )
went to digging out here dug about 3 acres Dave and Moody Butchered 45 min.

–Tuesday, September 30, 1919 (weather fine)
We finished digging 10 a.m. and racked ground and picked it 225 bbl. good ones 25 bbl culls went up back dug 35 bbl.

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August 1919

–Friday, August 1, 1919 (weather dull )
Didint do much today.

–Saturday, August 2, 1919 (weather fine fine)
We went up back and mowed in Newland some and shook out hay hauled in 4 load.
We went to Mars Hill.

–Sunday, August 3, 1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and took communion. 3 meetings. They had baptism. 4 baptised OscarOscar Flewelling ] [*was baptised.

–Monday, August 4, 1919 (weather fine )
We went up back and finished mowing got 3 load of hay.

–Tuesday, August 5, 1919 (weather fine)
We mowed out here Harvey got Archie’s [*Archive Ladner] machine and Walter’s [*Walter Curtis] horse we mowed all but a little around Bee hive. We helped Walter hall in p.m.. and he helped us we got 1 load.

–Wednesday, August 6, 1919 (weather dull )
I mowed around bee hive and took machine home. We finished haying got in 9 load and 1 load for Ran. He helped us in a.m. Uncle Jack racked for us. and hauled off.

–Thursday, August 7, 1919 (weather )
I took Harvey out to Jesse’s morning and came back and took men to work. p.m. took horses out pasture. Cow came in yesterday.

–Friday, August 8, 1919 (weather )
We went up to horse pasture and fixed fence Jack and I and brought the cow and calf down. Dinint do much p.m. Took Mamma and Alice down to Robinson. [*Robinson Campground, below Mars Hill]

–Saturday, August 9, 1919 (weather )
I came up from Riverside this morning about 10 a.m. and got Walter’s sprayer and sprayer in p.m. sprayed out here and up back. Charlie and I went to Mars Hill tonight he stayed in Mars Hill and I went to Robinson took some wood down.

–Sunday, August 10, 1919 (weather )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings . We came from Riverside.

–Monday, August 11, 1919 (weather )
I took men down to work. did chairs. Charlie took car over to centre and I brought load wood over to centre and H. to it over to station. Beacher and I worked on car sent to Houlton for second gear.

–Tuesday, August 12, 1919 (weather)
I went down to mill and worked in Perleys [*Perley Dean ] place while he went after Harvey. I took mowing machine up back and brought down reaper and fixed it up and reap 2 lots oats.

–Wednesday, August 13, 1919 (weather )
We all went up to Henry Grey’s [*Henry Gray] and mowed grainery. Earl went to Riverside.

–Thursday, August 14, 1919 (weather )
Papa Uncle Harvey and I went up to Grays and finished that job.

–Friday, August 15, 1919 (weather )
Uncle Harvey and I went up to Hanford Larson‘s and started to put concrete floor and engine. got new batteries and cleaned it out. p.m. it worked good and we got floor in @ 4.30

–Saturday, August 16, 1919 (weather )
We worked at water works a while. and uncle Harvey and I made form for concrete and corner of barn. We went to Riverside tonight Harvey Papa cook and I.

–Sunday, August 17, 1919 (weather )
Had good meetings, here today Mr. Wiggins preached in a.m. The evangelist preached in a.m. and evening.

–Monday, August 18, 1919 (weather )
We came up from Robinson this a.m. got here noon. Charlie put the separator on wheels. I went up and got horses up to Dugs. Moody Charlie Harvey Mabel went to River.

–Tuesday, August 19, 1919 (weather rain)
I didn’t do much in a.m.

–Wednesday, August 20, 1919 (weather dull)
I went down to Neds [*Ned Porter] and helped them mix a while and then I got a load of graval up to Grays. We mixed in p.m. out here put wall and barn had Ned man.

–Thursday, August 21, 1919 (weather )
Harvey went up to Don Ames [*Adonis Ames] and run mixer put in concrete floor. Went up to Leigh’s [*Lee Wright] and got digger.

–Friday, August 22, 1919 (weather )

–Saturday, August 23, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I went up to George’s He went to the Fort with grist. We hauled in 6 load in p.m. finished haying.

–Sunday, August 24, 1919 (weather )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings. Gideon Henderson was up in evening.

–Monday, August 25, 1919 (weather )
We went up and mowed in Newland 1 1/2 acres a.m. and mowed in p.m.

–Tuesday, August 26, 1919 (weather)
We went up and finished in Newland. and came down and mowed around field out here. Charleey and I worked on reaper rained some.

–Wednesday, August 27, 1919 (weather )
Harvey nailed bbl. I reap out here today Harvey got lags. for digger fixed it up. 9 load of ptoatoes from province.

–Thursday, August 28, 1919 (weather )
I took men up to work up to Plummer’s Papa and I went up to Fort at noon.

–Friday, August 29, 1919 (weather )
We went up to Plummers and Uncle Harvey to Don

–Saturday, August 30, 1919

–Sunday, August 31, 1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings today. Harvey Lincoln Papa Harvey V [*Harvey Valley, Milton’s uncle] and I was out to Clearview in p.m.

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July 1919

–Tuesday, July 1, 1919 (weather fine)
I went up back and found all the cattle out. I fixed the fence and pulled mustard p.m. I fixed fence out here on Archie. [*Archie Ladner]

–Wednesday, July 2, 1919 (weather fine )
Car broke down.
I took mixer down to Uncle Wills this morning and got cultivator teeth and repairs $5.20. Helped Arthur load a load of hay and cultivated out here this p.m. 5 acres.

–Thursday, July 3, 1919 (weather fine)
I handhoed all day today Cattle got out up back and I put them in. Harvey got the car fixed today.

–Friday, July 4, 1919 (weather hot )
We all went to Marshill today. 3 meetings today people from Woodstock were there. Leigh [*Lee Wright, brother in law] came down and horseshoed some.

–Saturday, July 5 , 1919 (weather fine)
I handhoed and finished horseshoeing out here. We pulled mustard in p.m. Harvey and Alma went down to Mars Hill with Fred Kierstead. Moody Mabel and I went with our car. Had good meeting. Harvey and I went out to Roy Bell tonight.

–Sunday, July 6 , 1919 (weather fine)
Had good meeting today church was full in p.m. commenced to rain and we went home afternoon was over.

–Monday, July 7 , 1919 (weather fine)
Leigh and I fenced to day up back. Got hired girl today.

–Tuesday, July 8 , 1919 (weather fine)
I harrowed in turnips in newland. a.m. p.m I cultivated Moody’s potatoes. The tent came today. Fred Kiersterd came with it.

–Wednesday, July 9, 1919 (weather fine)
I finished harrowing in newland and took harrow home and went up to archs and got 4 bbl potatoes cattle got out and went and got them.

–Thursday, July 10, 1919 (weather fine)
We took cattle up back and fixed fence p.m. I cultivated up back.

–Friday, July 11 , 1919 (weather showers)
I went up back and horseshoed. horseshoed p.m. until 3.30 and it rained.

–Saturday, July 12, 1919 (weather fine)
Leigh and hauled out straw from under back barn today.

–Sunday, July 13 , 1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings today. There was special workers from Caribou and Clearview.

–Monday, July 14, 1919
They took the horses down to Uncle Will’s and Harvey went up back and cleaned off boardfloor and pulled mustard.

–Tuesday, July 15 , 1919 (weather fine )
I horsehoed Moody’s potatoes this morning.

–Wednesday, July 16, 1919
I sprayed this piece out here today.

–Thursday, July 17, 1919
I horseshoed this piece out here today. Harvey made work bench p.m. Bred Mert to Napoleon.

–Friday, July 18 , 1919 (weather fine)
I took Kirt up to pasture and salted the cattle and pulled mustard and I got Uncle Boyds sprayer and sprayed out back. p.m.

–Saturday, July 19 , 1919 (weather fine)
I went to Franks and got Jack screw and went up back and cultivated and horsehoed both pieces got done 6 o’clock.

–Sunday, July 20, 1919 (weather fine)

–Monday, July 21, 1919 (weather fine)
I started in mowing up back.

–Tuesday, July 22, 1919 (weather rainy )
We nailed some bbl.

–Wednesday, July 23, 1919 (weather fine )
I mowed in a.m. Harvey and I hauled in 7 load of hay today broke warp twice.

–Thursday, July 24, 1919 (weather fine)
I mowed in a.m. H. shook out hay. hauled in 6 load of hay.

–Friday, July 25, 1919 (weather fine)
I mowed on side hill in a.m. Harvey raked scatterns with Kit and Blanch hauled in 1 load a.m. and 4 p.m.

–Saturday, July 26 , 1919 (weather fine)
I went up to rips and mowed in a.m broke mowing machine p.m. Charlie Uncle Harvey and Harvey hauled in 2 load. 1 load a.m. I got Dugs sprayer and sprayed 1 bbl and it rained.

–Sunday, July 27 , 1919 (weather rainy)
Had Sunday School and meeting and Baptism in a.m. 3 baptised. Fred Kiersterd and Mr Ells were here.

–Monday, July 28, 1919 (weather rainy)
We nailed some bbls. in morning and then went up back and mowed in newland 5 of us.

–Tuesday, July 29, 1919 (weather shower)
I sprayed in a.m. and took sprayer home. I had sleep p.m. and ground sythe. Harvey went to Mars Hill tonight single.

–Wednesday, July 30, 1919 (weather fine)
I took black heifer up to pasture and friged around here. I nailed bbls. in p.m. about 30 bbls. Harvey came up about 4.30 got cornet.

–Thursday, July 31, 1919 (weather fine)
Went up back and shook out hay hauled in 2 load and it rained.

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June 1919

–Sunday, June 1 ,1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and meeting in a.m. Meeting in p.m. and evening. no workers special in. Papa and Herb are at Woodstock.

–Monday, June 2 ,1919 (weather fine )
Harvey and I cleared out stumps. a.m. P.m. Charlie took Harvey to Presque Isle. I went to we got plow axle and fixed plow.

–Tuesday, June 3,1919 (weather hot 91 above)
I fenced a little today. Charley took wagon down to Clarks today. Moody took grist for Earl. 6 bu.

–Wednesday, June 4 ,1919 (weather fine )
I took black team to Presque Isle. Charlie brought Winnie and Mamma up. I drove them back.

–Thursday, June 5 ,1919 (weather fine )
I took Papa Erle and Frank up to Nicolos in morning came back around by Centre and got brackes fixed. p.m. I went up and help Roy get the cattle and twitched cedar to mill.

–Friday, June 6 ,1919 (weather fine )
went up back and hauled out stumps a.m. I plowed in p.m.

–Saturday, June 7 ,1919 (weather rainy)
I plowed today allday. Charlie and Moody came down from Ashland this a.m. They brought Mildred down.

–Sunday, June 8,1919 (weather fine )
Had Sunday school 49 present and 3 meetings . Mr & Mrs Andrew Ladner and Mrs Jameson and Melvina and Core??? were up today.

–Monday, June 9,1919 (weather fine)
I took a load of lumber up to Geo Nicholas and got mixer to Ernest Hoyts in a.m. Moody went to Fort a.m. Earl & I planted potatoes for George this p.m. 2 acres 4 rows Uncle Bert burned foller tonight.

–Tuesday, June 10,1919 (weather fine)
I finished plowing in a.m. and picked 7 load of rocks p.m. Charlie took men up to work and went to Fort after cement.

–Wednesday, June 11,1919 (weather fine)
I picked 2 load of rocks and harrowed over once after dinner harrowed some more and I went and got Buckingham’s seeder and sowed our buckwheat with don. and took seeder home. Charlie went up to Maplehurst.

–Thursday, June 12,1919
I harrowed in buckwheat and picked rocks 4 load and rolled.

–Friday, June 13 ,1919
I cultivated out back in a.m. horse hoed in p.m.

–Saturday, June 14 ,1919 (weather fine)
I finished horse hoeing out back . came down and cultivated out here.

–Sunday, June 15,1919 (weather fine )
Had sunday school and 3 meetings Mr Carter and family were down.

–Monday, June 16,1919 (weatherdull )
I horsehoed out here finished 3 p.m. Harvey came down from Joel’s (*Valley) and uncle Harvey (*Valley) and family

[different handing writing from 17th to 21st)
–Tuesday, June 17,1919
Moody Charlie Mable and Milton went to Woodstock. I took load lumber to G. N. (put black team in pasture p.m. ) p.m. finished fincing out here.

–Wednesday, June 18,1919
Took load shingles to G. N. in a.m. p.m. culivated up back. wnet up here to meeting to the church.

–Thursday, June 19,1919
Drove car up to George N. worked all day. Papa took load of shingles up to G. N. (Drove car 16 mi.) Were out to the Center to meeting. 1 case of healing.

–Friday, June 20,1919
Took a a.m. load plank (G. N. ) I hoed Northern Reds, cultivated on our piece. Meeting up to the hill, nearly full. Herbirt led the service

–Saturday, June 21,1919
Took papa and mamma to the Fort. wnet up to Chips a.m. Worked Georges p.m. Drove car (36 miles) clined spick plugs.
Easrl drove the team.

–Sunday, June 22,1919 (weather )
I was in Woodstock today. had good meeting all day Mr Kellem wife and Mr Lockard and daughter were down and car load from Mars Hill. and Gid Henderson and Father and Mother were here.

–Monday, June 23,1919 (weather )
Came up home this p.m. and Mrs. McKulsky came with us. Earl hauled load lumber to G. W and cultivated p.m.

–Tuesday, June 24,1919 (weather )
I cultivated out here this a.m. done 10:45 5 acrea. horsehosed 4 acres p.m. Harvey up to G.N.

–Wednesday, June 25,1919 (weather )
I finished horsehoeing this morming. Cul. and horsehoe Moody’s a.m. Got Uncle Boyd’s (*Flewelling) high axel wagon and to load lumber to G W. took Dick out. pasture and got Mert.

–Thursday, June 26,1919 (weather )
I went up back and cultivated 4 acres and handhoed some. they were up back strawberring today. We went over to Arthurs to meeting tonight car working bad.

–Friday, June 27 ,1919 (weather )
I went up back and handhoed until 9 o’clock Donald fired the car. Got two plugs. Harvey bunched in his place. We worked on the wall under barn. p.m, Charlie Harvey and I

–Saturday, June 28 ,1919 (weather )
Went up back and horsehoed a.m. Cultivated in p.m. Charley Harvey and Papa and Earl went to Woodstock.

–Sunday, June 29,1919 (weather )
Had Sunday School and 3 meeting. Mr Jones and Mr & Mrs Henderson and Harry Lunn and family were out today. Gladys Noris came up from Woodstock tonight.

–Monday, June 30,1919 (weather )
I horsehoed up back this a.m. I pulled mustard off from wheat field.

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May 1919

–Thursday, May 1, 1919 (weather fine)
I worked in mill today and Harvey spread manure. sold King (*horse) to George Smith.

[W Bartley got ham 20 lbs. pork not paid]
[George Smith]

–Friday, May 2, 1919 (weather rainy)
I worked in mill Harvey worked around here He took saw machine p.m. and brought down double wagon.

–Saturday, May 3, 1919 (weather fine)
Worked in mill today Harvey worked in sap woods and spread manure. Charley went after Mr. Carter tonight. Took black heifer away. Had meeting in church tonight.

–Sunday, May 4 , 1919 (weather cool)
Had meeting s in hall, Sunday School in a.m. Mr Carter was here. They had 2 meeting & Sunday School up here. I signed $2.00 for Mr. Grant tent fund.

–Monday, May 5 , 1919 (weather rainy)
didn’t do much split wood and Harvey went up to Leighs after Dick

–Tuesday, May 6 , 1919 (weather fine)
Charley and I went up to camp and gathered 1 1/2 puncheons sap and finished boiling p.m. pulled some stumps and hauled off some. Harvey plowed Moody’s garden a.m.

–Wednesday, May 7 , 1919 (weather dull)
Got box dinomite from Roy (*old Roy, son of BA Flewelling, Milton’s cousin) and they blowed some stumps. We washed cans today. Ethel Graham, Mrs Clark, Mabel and Mama. Martin Velma helped us.

–Thursday, May 8, 1919 (weather windy)
went up back and plowed and pulled stumps and blowed some. Mr. Kellean came out from Mapleherst today. Having meeting in hall and church both.

–Friday, May 9, 1919 (weather fine)
we went up back and plowed and Perley blowed stumps hauled off. I broke plow in a.m. and borrowed Ned’s. Perley plowed in afternoon.

–Saturday, May 10, 1919 (weather fine)
We sowed out wheat today. Got Ned;s Porter’s seeder. Perley got hurt today he ran a double wagon over his hips with load sawdust on.


–Sunday, May 11 , 1919 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and meeting in a.m. Mr Carter, Kersterd , Mr Knox and Mr & Mrs Clark were down. Gid Henderson was here.

–Monday, May 12 , 1919 (weather fine)
Sowed oats in newland 12 bu.

–Tuesday, May 13 , 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I picked rockes today. Picked 20 loads and broke wheel. Charlie Harvey Earl and Winnie went to Mars Hill.

–Wednesday, May 14 , 1919 (weather fine)
I harrowed with 4 horses on wheat ground and new land oaks. broke down a piece down to the barn p.m. Harvey cut seed today.

–Thursday, May 15, 1919 (weather fine)
I harrowed out here today with four horses harrowed over 1 in a.m. and nearly over again in p.m. Harvey cut seed. Charlie sheared sheep today.

–Friday, May 16, 1919 (weather fine)
I went up to Buckingham’s after drill in morning waited till he sowed his sheat and then I sowed our grain 12 bu. Harvey picked rocks Fire broke out and we have to fight it.

–Saturday, May 17, 1919 (weather rainy)
Moody and Charlie started plant his potatoes and it rained . H & I picked rocks and I harrowed some. cut seed in p.m. 3 bbl red ones. H. cut 3 bbl white ones.

–Sunday, May 18, 1919 (weather rainy)
Had Sunday School in a.m and meeting . Meeting in p.m. and evening. no special workers here today. Had 3 meeting and Sunday School in church.

–Monday, May 19, 1919 (weather fine)
I plowed today all day with Mert and Don (*horses!). Charlie and Harvey fenced today around upper pasture.

–Tuesday, May 20, 1919 (weather fine)
I harrowed with bay team in a.m. and hauled out fertilizer. Moody and Harvey planted broke planter twice Moody went to town. pm.m I picked rocks. They planted 9 bbls.


–Wednesday, May 21, 1919 (weather dull)
Charlie and Harvey planted finished out here. I picked rocks a.m. 5 load borrowed George’s dick harrow and disked in p.m. Moody helped Herb Graham this p.m.


–Thursday, May 22, 1919 (weather fine)
I harrowed with 4 horses in a.m. harrowed 8 acres. H . cut seed p.m. Charlie and Harvey planted 10 bbls up back 1 1/2 tons I picked 4 load rocks and harrowed some.


–Friday, May 23, 1919 (weather rainy)
I took 4 horses over and got them shod got black horses teeth fixed $2.60 balance. Harvey and Randolph cut seed in a.m. We harrowed and picked rocks tonight.
[Randolph -$2.60]

–Saturday, May 24, 1919 (weather fine)
Leigh Harvey and I went up back took fertilizer and seed was going to finsh planting but couldn’t get the Ground. H & I picked 9 load of rocks in a.m. Leigh harrowed He went up home in p.m. Harvey and I picked 3 load of rocks and it rained.


–Sunday, May 25, 1919 (weather rainy)
Had Sunday school and 3 meetings today. no special workers today. Mr & Mrs Jones and family were out today and Harry Lunn.

–Monday, May 26, 1919 (weather rainy)
H & I hauled out slabs from mill a.m. Hauled 2 load up to Moodys I worked in mill in p.m. Harvey and Charlie sowed new land this p.m.

–Tuesday, May 27, 1919 (weather dull)
We went up back with black team and picked 5 load of rocks and helped Herb Graham loand a load hay. p.m. I disked with bay team. H sowed oats with drill.

–Wednesday, May 28, 1919 (weather fine)
We went up back and harrowed on potato ground a.m. and picked 4 load rocks. Charlie brought our dinner up. He helped us plant in p.m. Moody went with guest to Mapleton.

–Thursday, May 29, 1919 (weather windy)
We finished planting this morning 8.15 Harvey went up to Leighs with planter Charlie and I sowed and harrowed this piece out here. I picked rocks this p.m. 5 loads

–Friday, May 30, 1919 (weather fine)
I got Walters roller and rooled wheat ground and oat ground. p.m. spread manure one oat ground 4 loads got Boyd’s roller and started to rool out here about 5 o’clock. Harvey came down from Leighs (*Scott Lee Wright, widowed husband of Milton’s sister, Grace Flewelling. Grace died in childbirth in July 1918.) I rooled after supper with black team.

–Saturday, May 31, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I picked rocks in a.m. finished. 78 load in all. Harvey went up back and blowed stumps and horses ran away. I cleaned up barn yeard some. Welley (*Milton’s brother in law, Wellington Bartley) got a pig tonight 20 lbs 6 weeks old.

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April 1919

–Tuesday, April 1, 1919 (weather cold s.)
Harvey racked potatoes in a.m. I hauled manure all day 6 load. Harvey and Austin went to Mars Hill tonight. Had meeting at Rans Wrights (*Randolph Wright- father of Moody Wright) tonight.

–Wednesday, April 2, 1919 (weather cold)
Hauled 1 load manure and went after bobsleds. H. hauled 2 load. p.m. Hauled 2 load and racked potatoes Duglous and I. H. hauled load of frame for Geo. Nichlos meeting at Dugs tonight.

–Thursday, April 3, 1919 (weather fine)
I took load of wood to W. Gerry with 4 horses 1 cord $13.00 not paid Harvey racked potatoes a.m. I hauled 1 load of manure and Charley and I gathered sap. Harvey went to Fort (*Fort Fairfield)

[W. Gerry -?.25]

–Friday, April 4, 1919 (weather fine)
Hauled load of lumber up to Dugs We all helped clean machinery out of machine shop a.m. Charley and I wentt up to sapwoods and gathered 3 puncheons & 1 bbl he boiled I gathered with King & Don

–Saturday, April 5, 1919 (weather foul)
Harvey took load of potatoes this morning in sacks Mer & Kit I hauled 3 load manure a.m. Hauled 1 load . gathered sap in p.m. Beecher C helped us . Charley boiled. Mr Carter & Effie came tonight. ….(torn)……..p.m. done.

–Sunday, April 6, 1919
Had meeting all day in Mission. They had meetings in church. 3 meetings Clifford Gray as leader.

–Monday, April 7, 1919 (weather warm)
Charley boiled and I gathered sap in a.m. H hauled 1 load manure and got bbls at Dugs. We finished gathering p.m. 10 bbls on hand . Fertilizer came today.

–Tueday, April 8, 1919 (weather cold)
Took two teams and got 2 tons fertilizer Austin and Sherm brought in 13 bbls for us. Clifford hauled 1 ton. Had funeral in church this p.m. Mrs Good died. Set up sawing machine p.m. Charlie boiled.

–Wednesday, April 9, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey went after the rest of fertilizer 3 horses . I boiled a.m. We gathered in p.m. Mr Jones was up to sapwoods today. Harry Lunn came out to meeting this p.m.

–Thursday, April 10, 1919 (weather foul)
I went up and boiled this a.m. Had funeral in church Murlin Ladner (*son of Banford Ladner and Jennie Flewelling, sister to Milton Flewelling) died Tuesday. Charley and I went over with hitch.

–Friday, April 11, 1919 (weather rainy)
We set up saw machine in a.m. racked Walters sled over in p.m. Harvey hauled out lumber from mill Charley went up and gathered puncheons Elvin Hoyt helped him.

–Saturday, April 12, 1919 (weather rainy)
faned over some wheat. p.m. sawed wood. Randolph helped us Charley and Basil was up to sapwoods and boiled gathered some. Had out black team on the road p..m. broke out to centre with wagon. Papa was up to Hoyts with Ruby. Sold 13 gal. honey today @ $3.00

–Sunday, April 13, 1919 (weather rainy)
Had meeting’s in mission today 3 meetings Mr Carter preached. There was meetings in the church today 3 meeting’s roads in very bad condition.

–Monday, April 14, 1919 (weather cloudy)
Harvey took Mr. Carter & Effie to the train this mourning took early train. Charley Clifford and I went up to sapwood & gathered boiled and cut wood. Harvey and Earl fanned over grain 45 bbl oats put ping away

–Tuesday, April 15, 1919 (weather stormy)
Hauled manure all day 2 teams. Had Walters team & man in a.m. Earl helped us. Harvey split wood a.m. racked potatoes. Charley boiled sap today.

[Walter Curtis
Earl Foren]

–Wednesday, April 16, 1919 (weather fine)
We sawed wood today. Harvey Earl and I Old sow paged today had 7 pigs and 2 lambs 6 in all.

[Earl Foren]

–Thurday, April 17, 1919 (weather stormy)
I hauled our lumber from mill. Harvey and Earl split wood a.m. Charley and Moody went to Blaine We split wood p.m. Mr Grant up tonight.

[Earl Foren]

–Friday, April 18, 1919 (weather fair)
We sawed wood today Clifford and Earl helped us. We sawed 40 drags in p.m. Charley and PApa were up to sap woods and gathered some One yearlyn ewe had a lamb. 9 lambs in all. Charley went over and got 10 gallon of gas in morning.

[Earl Foren

–Saturday, April 19,1919 (weather fine)
We sawed a few drags and Harvey went down to Uncle Lem’s (*Lemuel E Flewelling, brother in law to Charles Flewelling, husband of sister Elma Agnetta Flewelling) and got circular saw. We sawed Earl’s slab wood Clifford helped us We worked 1/2 day Charley boiled and gathered some.

[Carl Foren – $3.00]

–Sunday, April 20, 1919 (weather dull)
Had 3 meetings today in mission and organized a Sunday School. They had meeting and Sunday School up here today.

–Monday, April 21, 1919 (weather windy)
Earl and I split wood today all day Harvey went up to Johnstons and moved some wood and he took a load of wood up to Dugs.

–Tuesday, April 22, 1919 (weather fine)
I hauled fertilizer for sug. hauled 1 1/4 ton to centre and dinnired to station and brought 9 bbl in pm Charley and Harvey taped some trees over today and gathered some.

–Wednesday, April 23, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey tood the rest of potatoes Austin took 9 sacks Harvey brought back 1 ton of fertilizer for Dug (*Douglas Wolverton) Charlie Earl and I taped some trees over gathered some brought sheep down.

–Thursday, April 24, 1919 (weather dull)
We took engine and circular saw and went up back and cut wood for camp. Charlie Harvey Randolph and I . The mill broke down again.

–Friday, April 25, 1919 (weather rainy)
We killed a pig this a.m. Charley Earl and I Harvey went to Woodstock Charlie caried him out . I cleaned out celler p.m.

–Saturday, April 26, 1919 (weather cold)
We gathered some sap froze in quite bad. Earl split wood a.m. we worked on sewer pipe in the afternoon couldn’t get it started

–Sunday, April 27, 1919 (weather dull)
Had Sunday School and testimony meeting in a.m. 43 in attendance. They had Sunday school and 2 meetings we had meetings in afternoon and evening. good attendance.

–Monday, April 28, 1919 (weather fine)
I plowed garden in a.m. We went up to sapwoods and gathered sap Charley Earl and I the sap rand good Boyd’s folks plowed today with 2 teams.

–Tuesday, April 29, 1919 (weather rainy)
I boiled sap all day today from 10 o’clock boiled 1 puncheon & 1/2 . Charley and Earl Harvey worked on sewer pipe today

–Wednesday, April 30, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey got the sewer going and I worked in mill Worked in pans in am. and pilled in p.m, Harvey spread manure in p.m. with black team.

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March 1919

March 1919

–Sunday, March 16, 1919
Went to Blaine.

–Monday, March 17, 1919
Ordered six tones fertilizer. Andrew Ladner. Took load of potatoes. Hauled load of hay, brought 2 pair gloves.

[H & M. Andrew Ladner
” Smith $30.50

–Tuesday, March 18, 1919
H. hauled 18 lbs potatoes. M Hauled load of wood to PineTree. Killed hog weight 94 lb W.B. got 45 lb.

[H & M. Powers $36.00
” Geo Marthew $13.00
“W. Bartley]

–Wednesday, March 19, 1919
M. Hauled out frame lumber from mill. H hauled a load of wood to Hersey a.m. raced over potatoes p.m. feed sheep.

[A A Flew 4 hr
H & M Clint Hersey $6.50 -.50]

–Thursday, March 20, 1919
M & H Twitched in logs a.m. Broke up to sap woods. H went to Daves. I taped 60 trees. Sap run good.

–Friday, March 21, 1919 (weather cloudy)
Hauled in logs to mill a.m. Dave took Churchils sleds and harness home. We went up to sap woods taped 103 trees. Paid for History of World War. $3.00


–Saturday, March 22, 1919
We racked a few potatoes in a.m. I took Dick and King (*names of horses) and helped Ned P. snowplow the road out to Easton Centre p.m. Austin and Sherman helped us. Harvey and Dave went to Blaine tonight.

[H & M Ned Porter
Hair cut -.35]

[total for the week: $86.00 -5.10]

–Sunday, March 23, 1919 (rained today)
Harvey is at Mars Hill. no Sunday school or meeting here today. Had supper at Earls.

[collection Big Grant. -$1.50]

–Monday, March 24, 1919
I went up to the other barn and fed the sheep and taped 80 trees in a.m. Harvey, Papa, and Mama came home at noon. Harvey helped Ned 3 hours p.m.

[Ned Porters]

–Tuesday, March 25, 1919 (weather fine)

Taped 100 trees a.m. alone. Harvey took 16 bbl potatoes a.m. Took 18 bbl p.m. $2.00 I twitched out frame lumber with Dick.

[C Powers $32.00 -$4.50
Wittecer $34.00

–Wednesday, March 26, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey and I went up and taped 175 trees in morning . He went after the girls to the station at noon. Took load of wood to Hersey $13.00. I gathered sap p.m.

–Thursday, March 27, 1919 (weather fine)
Hauled out frame lumber. and went up to sap woods. fathered sap in afternoon 3 puncheon’s boiled in afternoon Ned hauled over slabs today.

–Friday, March 28, 1919 (weather foul)
Started up to woods and had bad luck broke pole. I boiled all day. Lillian (*Lillian Flewelling Deane, daughter of Boyd A Flewelling) and Melvina (*Melvina DeMerchant Doak) were up this p.m. and made candy. Dave and Cliff were down.

–Saturday, March 29, 1919 (weather fine)
Harvey went up to daves and got saw machine. I boiled sap a.m. H. snowplowed road . we hauled manure 3 loads. ” brought harness home from Bartley.

–Sunday, March 30, 1919 (weather stormy)
Had meeting here today. Fred Keirsterd and Mr. Carter were here . 3 meetings. Carter preached in a.m. & p.m. and Fred in evening.

–Monday, March 31, 1919 (weather stormy)
I hauled manure out back. 5 load. Harvey 1 load he went to Presque Isle took Fred Keirsterd and Carter up ; brought Moody, Mabel, Papa & Miss Rafford.

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