Archive for June 1st, 2020

-August 1 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 2 meetings.

-August [2] (weather fine) We spaded some up back. Took white cow away.

-August 15 (weather fine) We was at Riverside camp today.

-August 16 (weather fine) We finished spuading straw up back.

-August 17 (weather fine) Loomis plowed up back. We worked on car a.m. worked on road p.m.

-August 18 (weather fine) Loomis plowed up back. I fixed fence a.m. Worked on water pipe p.m. Big wedding here tonight.

-August 19 (weather fine) Loomis plowed up back. We went to _____? Waked ??? mixed concrete 3 lbs.

-August 20 ( weather fine) I fenced up in woods. Loomis plowed up back. Papa and Melvin (?) were up to Joels.

-August 21 (weather fine) We went to Mars Hill. Loomis haulded 12 cord wood over to Mrs. Clarence Delate. Papa paid me $10.00.

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