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February 1930

-Feb 1 (weather fine) hauled load potatoes p.m. 3.30 20 bbls 18 4/10

-Feb 2 (weather fine) Hauled load potatoes p.m. 20 bbls $3.35 19 good one. Papa was up to Henry Gray’s working.

-Feb 3

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January 1930

-Jan 1 (weather fine) Arlie hauled 2 cord wood to Cal Smith

-Jan 2 (weather ) We went out on green and soft hauled out some circular wood 2 load.

-Jan 3 (weather warm) We hauled down 3 load circular wood.

-Jan 4 (weather fine) We hauled down 4 load circular wood.

-Jan 5 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

-Jan 6 (weather fine) We hauled 6 load circular  Erwie helped us.

-Jan 7 (weather warm) We hauled down 2 load circular and I cut some a.m.  hauled 1 load p.m.

-Jan. 8 (weather rainy Big thaw) Dident do much.

-Jan 9 (weather colder) Dident do much a.m. Arlie went up to Geo Fullers got circular saw Went up got 1 load circular wood p.m. roads bad

-Jan 10 (weather stormy) Dident do any thing

-Jan 11 (weather cold 18 below) We sawed circular wood Perley Euwie helped us . Got done at 4:30 p.m.

-Jan 12 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

-Jan 13 (weather fine) I took Geo Fullers circular saw home hauled last cord wood down hauled 2 cord 2 ft wood for Perley p.m..

-Jan 14 (weather fine) I hauled 3 cord 2 ft wood for Perley today

-Jan 15 (weather rained and hailed) I fixed pole in bob sled and long sled put up load potatoes

-Jan 16 (weather fine) I took load potatoes a.m. 3.50 per 20 bbls.

-Jan 17 (weather cold) I dident do much a.m. Went over met my wife p.m.

-Jan 18 (weather stormy) Dident do much today

-Jan 19 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

-Jan 20 (weather fine) I hauled down 2 load wood for m. Campwoods Bake (back) out and hauled 2 load p.m.

-Jan 21 (weather stormy) I split a.m. hauled 3 load p.m.

-Jan 22 (weather fine) I split a.m. hauled 3 load p.m..

-Jan 23 (weather cold 26 below) I split a.m.

-Jan 24 (weather fine) I split a.m. hauled down 3 load p.m.  Bro. Patten got his Baptism p.m. and Milicent (wife of Arlie McIntire) in evening

-Jan 25 (weather fine) I split a.m. Arlie helped me I hauled p.m. 3 load

-Jan 26 (weather cold) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings. good crowds

-Jan 27 (weather fine) I split in a.m. hauled in 3 loads p.m.

-Jan 28 (weather stormy) I split in a.m. hauled 1 load p.m. finished hauled 1 load and splitting

-Jan 29 (weather wind and rough) Dident do anything

-Jan 30 (weather fine) We went up cut birch log took it over to mill p.m.

-Jan 31 (weather fine) I went up to Province got load for Ned Porter a.m. Cut some furnace wood p.m.



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