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With permission from the Easton Historical Society, I have posted this interview with Milton Flewelling:

July 1992 interview with Milton L Flewelling (link opens in soundcloud)

He was interviewed by Richard Barker of Easton Maine one month before his 91st birthday.


  • The most he  planted  was 9 acres of potatoes and never owned a tractor.
    milton and plow
  • The first car he purchased cost  $700. He later sold it to his brother in law, Moody Wright. He bought another one in 1922 which had  “Sidecurtains”. He later owned an Overland Whippet car after selling his older car to his brother in law.
  • He had a hired man, $2 a day and board, before the Depression (Perhaps Arlie McIntyre)
  • Milton inherited the farm from his father. 33 acres in total from two lots.
  • His father, Charles, started tapping trees in 1912 (or 1911) in Canada- 500 to 1000 taps (larger trees would have 2-3 taps)


  • Milton was married twice, 29 years to each wife.
  • At one time there were 27 farms on Ladner Road from River de Chute to Easton Center.
  • There was a lake ran by the farm where they could skate and swim. They also made their own skis. At times the beavers would build a dam in the stream.
  • Christmas was a great holiday. Sister Alice Bartley and family would come over from Beaconsfield New Brunswick, 2 miles away.
  • Used to go to Clearview New Brunswick down the River de Chute Rd – 7 miles – with a double team for church. They would get home about 2 am.
  • Milton did not finish the 8th grade, had to help tap trees.
  • His Dad was a framer, carpenter.
  • Milton met his wife in Mars Hill at Convention. Corene died in 1954 of cancer.
  • Harvey bought his first truck, a REO truck. Built a body on it for 20 barrels. In 1923, while attending a tent meeting in Charleston, someone threw acid on the tent . His Dad built a body/house on the truck in 1923 . His father Charles, brother Charles and and Moody Wright and 3 children went  to Florida with the truck. After the trip, the family parked the cabin on the side hill and Mr Crabtree bought it and took it to the woods to use when he cut wood.
  • Harvey later bought a REO Speedwagon. 1927. During the Depression, had to park it in the garage due to the lack of funds for gas.
  • Miss Bessie Jackson, singer Tilda Cash, lived in the front room of the house while they helped with the Church in between pastors- “scarce of help”. The two ladies were African Americans.
    bessie jackson 2

    Fort Fairfield, June 13, 1945

    bessie jackson

    Fort Fairfield, Sept. 24, 1941

  • March 26, 1991 was last day he lived in the old house.
  • His second wife Margaret had to go into a nursing home due to poor health. A very hard decision for Milton to make.
  • Dr. told Milton he could eat all he wanted. His response: “Can’t figure out why a person have to eat and not doing anything. “

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