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Flewelling Favorites Family Cookbook


Back in the  mid 1990s, some family members contributed to a Flewelling Favorites cookbook. If you need a new copy or want to share with others, here is a copy for downloading.

flewelling cookbook (pdf)

Contributors were:

Valerie Antworth Lemelin (granddaughter of Milton)

Carmen Flewelling Antworth (daughter of Milton)

Sheila Antworth Lafferty (granddaughter of Milton)

Linda Fletcher Flewelling  (daughter in law of Milton)

Vicki Flewelling Bergeron (granddaughter of Milton)

Geraldine Flewelling Lawrence (daughter of Milton)

Brenda Taylor Lawrence (wife of grandson of Milton)

Tayna Garcelon Lawrence (wife of grandson of Milton)

Lisa Flewelling Haney (granddaughter of Milton)

Sally Ackerson Flewelling (daughter in law of Milton)

Rita Koby Flewelling (daughter in law of Milton)

Joyce Flewelling Wilson (daughter of Milton)

Velma Bartley Goodine (niece of Milton)

Grace Bartley Goodine (niece of Milton)

Katrina Bartley Goodine (niece of Milton)

Donna Flewelling Fenton (niece of Milton)

Miriam Kennedy Wright (wife of Paul Wright, nephew of Milton)

Dena Hawksley Beals (niece of Milton, by marriage)

Ann Flewelling Osgood

Edna Graham Ames- good friend of the Flewelling family. She hosted a small lunch for Malcolm and Carmen on their wedding day, May 4, 1957, at her home.

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