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February 1920

Sun. Feb. 1 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

Mon. Feb. 2 (weather fine) Papa and I went up to the woods and got 2 load logs Earl went up to Charlie Johstons and got circular saw we sawed wood p.m.

Tues. Feb. 3 (weather fine) We sawed circular wood.

Wed. Feb. 4 (weather fine) We finished shed sawing circular wood here. we went out to Clearview to meeting tonight. Pauline Moody Mabel Papa and I took Dame and Don got home 2 oclock

Thurs. Feb. 5 (weather fine) We moved machine up to Moodys and sawed his wood got done 3:30 Dug went over after the electricians and didn;t get them.

Fri. Feb. 6  ( weather stormy) I went up and got Jennie we hauled load straw. p.m. We hauled 2 load of hay.

Sat. Feb. 7 (weather stormy roads very bad) I oiled harness in p.m.

Sun. Feb. 8 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and meeting here painted church floor Saturday  roads in bad condition.

Mon. Feb. 9 (weather fine) We broke road up to woods got one tree.. hauled down 2 load logs in p.m.

Tues. Feb. 10 (weather fine) We broke new road up to back barn got 1 load hay and seperator got 3 load of logs.

Wed. Feb. 11 (weather stormy) Hauled 1 solid cord wood to Earn Demerchant  1/2 cird ti truo $13.00 roads in bad condition. got pair.

Thurs. Feb 12 (weather fine) We got 2 or 3 load logs today snow deep 2′ 6″

Fri. Feb. 13 (weather fine) I tool cord wood to Robberts a.m. started for Kilburn missed train went toBath Mrs Killum had meeting there good meeting stayed to hotel.

Sat. Feb. 14 Went to Woodstock arrived 4:30 I got new overcoat $26.00 @ Bath.

Sun. Feb. 15 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Extra good in Woodstock. No special workers in . Clifford and I stayed to Ralkho . Austin stayed to Grants.

Mon. Feb. 16 (weather fine) We went up to Grants to dinner down to Bro. Will Bragdon;s after dinner. Left Woodstock for home 3.35 walked home from train roads bad.

Tues. Feb. 17 (weather fine) We set up machine and threshed run out 87 … threshed 40 bu in 34 min.  20 bunin 19 min. Donald heled up Black down came in.

Wed. Feb. 18 (weather fine) I hauled down 2 load wood a.m. In p.m. I hauled down 2 load wood. We went out to Clearview tonight roads bad.

Thur. Feb. 19 (weather stormy) I split 1/2 cord wood morning and took it over to Roberts got $10.00 out of it. very bad storm in p.m.

Fri. Feb. 20 (weather fine) I broke down dooryard. Cut ice off from roof  I slid off from the roof about 65′. Do cut ice p.m. Austin Moody Dave Papa & I

Sat. Feb. 21 (Weather fine)  I hooked out to bobsled and broke road to provance p.m. we went up to back barn and pitched hay up from bay. Moody helped up.

Sun. Feb. 22 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 2 meeting here  everything closed up on account of Flu.

Mon. Feb. 23 (weather warm) Papa Earl Ran Moddy wnet up to Fred Fosters. I hauled cord wood up to Milton Grays for Earl. I shoveled out wood pile.

Tues. Feb. 24 (weather stormy) I took cord wood over to Parker Kinney in a.m. with 3 horses . I split wood in p.m.

Wed. Feb. 25 (weather stormy) I hung axe and split wood. Papa went down to Prats.

Thur. Feb. 26 (weather windy) I went up back on snowshoes and fed sheep and broke down dooryard fixed little shed I helped Donald haul around wood.

Fri. Feb. 27 (weather stormy) We split wood in a.m. I oiled single harness Papa finished spliting wood.

Sat. Feb. 28 (weather fine) We broke roads up to boundry line and up to wood pile. a.m. I hauled down 3 gags wood roads very bad.

Sun. Feb. 29 (weather fine) Had meeting here and Sunday School here not very many here.


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