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January 1920

January 1920

Jan 1. (weather stormy)
We went up and sawed in AM. shaft wouldn’t stay on shut down 3 PM Earl went down and riped a new one. We filled up some limb wood. Charlie  F,  Moody went to Woodstock.

Jan. 2 (weather fine)
We sawed today finished up sawing here about 4.30 PM

Jan 3 (weather cold)
We cut limb wood today. Randolph helped us I haluled down 4 load. Quit 4 o’clock.

Jan. 4 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School in A.M. 2 meetings no workers in. Big crowd in evening.

Jan. 5 (weather fine )
We went up and moved machine down set up in A. M. Sawed 40 drags in P.M. and Earl cut.

Jan. 6 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today sawed 69 drags. Charlie helped up Earn and I cut. moved Dugs engine over to Herbs.

Jan. 7 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today. Broke saw and saw guide. Austin and I went down and got piece for it. Went over to Willie Dean’s to meeting and got 10 gal gas 2 files. $3.70

Jan. 8 (weather warm ) We sawed today cut 63 drags. David went to Dover. Clifford worked in his place.

Jan. 9 (weather ) Went up and cut some . broke bolts out of shaft shut down 11 a.m. Earl and I went down afternoon. Austin tool load wood to Garfield Cray.

Jan. 10 (weather fine) We went up and sawed about 5 drags. broke all bolts out and shut down. had dinner loaded engine  on sle and Chub and I started for Fort Fairfield got thea 23o back home 6:30

Jan. 11  (weather fine) Sunday School and 3 meetings big crowd in evening.

Jan. 12 (weather fine) We went up and cut limb wood a.m. hauled in p.m.

Jan. 13 (weather fine) Went up and got 1 load and finel rack. Austin and Ran made their rack up in the woods.

Jan. 14 (weather fine) We cut and hauled down today.

Jan. 15 (weather fine) Moody and I went up and got 2 load limb wood a.m. Ausin got 1 load for him. a.m.
p.m. we got 2 more load 5 load in all

Jan. 16 (weather fine) Earl and I went up and cut 1 load and brought it down. Charlie Ran and Papa buchered. 1 weighted 294  the other 162  Papa and I went up and got 3 load wood p.m.

Jan. 17 (weather sunny) I hauled down block wood today. 3 load and split 2 face cord p.m.

Jan. 18 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings roads bad. Mr Jones and Catherine and Bell went to afternoon meeting.

Jan. 19 (weather cold) Papa and I went up to Herbs and got Dugs engine. we went up back and set up a.m. P.m. threshed our wheat over 50 bus.

Jan. 20 ( weather cold) We went up and threshed oats 56 ber. a.m. brought down. load straw I took 17 feet wood over to Garfield p.m.

Jan. 21 (weather fine) We hauled down hay Frank and Ran helped us. 12 load in all. We went to Mars Hill to meeting.

Jan. 22. (weather fine) We came up Charlie and I We hauled down load hay. Papa and Chub Earl and Winnie went to Mars Hill.

Jan. 23 (weather fine) I split wood a.m. Broke my ace handle p.m.

Jan. 24 (weather cold) I took Papa down to Wills I got Ran  a.m. took cord wood over to Ford Bowers with 4 horses. spent 3.25

Jan. 25 (weather cold) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Charlie is down to Mars Hill.

Jan. 26 (weather fine) Went up and hauled down 4 load block wood  went down and met Papa racked over load potatoes.

Jan. 27 (weather warm) I took 15 bbls potatoes over got $5.90 racked my load got home ….I racked 10 bbls. p.m.

Jan. 28 (weather fine) I racked up 8 bbl and split 1/2 cord wood a.m. I split wood a.m. broke axe Potatoes 5.65

Jan. 29 (weather warm) Moody and I got load straw for horse shed brought billy down I got load block wood.

Jan. 30 (weather stormy) I went up to Johnstons and got 1 cord wood p.m. I split wood

Jan. 31 (weather cold and windy 30 below zero) We didn’t do much today.

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