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–December 1

I took load of wood over to Garfield a.m. 2 face cord p.m. went up to Daves and threshed

–December 2 (weather fine)

We finished threshing down to lower barn today

–December 3 (weather fine)

We moved machine up and threshed up there and moved seperator down

–December 4 (weather fine)

I took cord wood over to Charlie Kinney a.m. got paige of horse blacket $11.00

–December 5 (weather fine)

I took cord wood over to Easton Centre school house a.m.  p.m. I took cord cord wood over to Fairmount Parker Kinney  bad road

–December 6 (weather fine)

Papa and I went up and cut some down logs a.m. p.m. I took cord wood over to Mr. Cass returned buck out today.

–December 7 (weather stormy)

Had Sunday School and meeting here today

–December 8 (weather fine)

We went up and yarded some logs this a.m. David and Carl came up and looked over wood chance.

–December 9 (weather fine)

We went up back and started in under brushing today. Earl Austin Dave and Cliff and I

–December 10 (weather rain)

We went up and it rained We came down and ground axes David and Cliff we up there p.m.

–December 11 (weather cold)

we went up and finished underfinishing and cut 76 drags. Charlie hauled cord wood to Fairmount from Johnstons to Park Kinney

–December 12 (weather fine)

We went up and cut wood Austin and I cut 40 drags Charlie hauled 1 cord to Garfield Cray

–December 13 (weather warm)

I went up and got load wood and took it over with 4 horses got $16.00 Mr Howard They stared the horse shed today.

–December 14 (weather stormy)

Had meeting in new church today good meetings

–December 15 (weather fine)

we went up and cut drag wood 4 of us. Charlie went down to Mars Hill to find out about about fertilizer.

–December 16 (weather fine)

I went up to lbs and got load of turnips 15 bbl Paid $12.00

p.m. We went up to wood Charlie took cord wood to Charlie Kinney $15

–December 17 (weather cold)

I hauled load wood up to Easton Centre school house 22 below p.m. I took 1 cord wood over to Charlie Kinney 4 horses32 ???

–December 18 (weather cold)

I hauled a load wood over to Fred Bower 4 horses a.m. I took 1 cord wood over to Charlie Kinney 4 horses Leigh’s team.

Orff is painting church

–December 19 (weather cold)

I took 1 cord wood over to school house a.m. I took 1 cord wood over to Charlie Kinney p.m.  5 cord in all. got shoe on Ruby

–December 20 (weather fine)

Overslept 2 hours didn;t do much am. Beacher and I went and got a load of straw to Leighs pm. lost horse blanket and went up and got it after supplies. Papa and i put flooring in church

–December 21 (weather fine)

Austin and I went out to Clearview. Ruby run from Dugs down here and broke fills Had good meetings here.

–December 22 (weather fine)

I got repairs for saw machine. moved it up to woods. Austin and Earl went up and got Chub and engine with truck. Harvey  Moody Charlie came home tonight

–December 23 (weather fine)

we went up and loaded engine on sled Austin and I went over and got 50 gal gas $4.00 set up before dinner sawed p.m. Harvey took 12 bbls coblers $16.00 got Moody for home.

–December 24 (weather warm)

Harvey and the men went up and sawed today I racked 20 bbs hauled over 15 bbls $4.00

–December 25 (weather fine)

Had Christmas dinner Alice and Welley and Jennie were down Had meeting in church p.m. and evening

–December 26 (weather fine)

we sawed drags today 31 pm. Harvey went Fort got potatoes, slip cashed. got new drag saw

–December 27 (weather fine)

sawed in a.m. p.m. sawed about 10 drags and cracked shaft Ran and Austin made new one. Chub went home Harvey went out to river. Papa and I went up and pened sheep in.

–December 28 (weather fine)

Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Had good meetings. Austin received his baptism.

–December 29 (weather fine) we went up and put shaft on and sawed about 5 drags and broke engine. I took Chub home got dinner up there. Austin and Ran Dave cut.

–December 30 (weather fine)

we went up to Herbs and got Dugs engine set sawed p.m.  sawed 30 drags Ran help us on Earls place.

–December 31 (weather fine)

We sawed today 22 drags am  28 p.m. 50 in all.

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