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The Maine Memory Network includes an image of the BA Flewelling daughters of Easton.

Lillian b. 1894 (Dean), Florence b. 1899 (Lamoreau), Hazel b. 1896 (Curtis), Gladys b. 1898 (Porter)

This photo was taken in the late 1910s or early 1920s because both Hazel and Gladys were married in 1918.

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In Aroostook County Maine, some wonder if the Flewellings of Easton and Crouseville Maine are connected.  Here is a brief line to show the relationship.

In Easton:

Charles Henry and brother Boyd Alvine and sister Elma Agnetta (married cousin Lemuel Flewelling)–>Samuel b. 1822–>Ezekiel & Charity–>Enos & Margaret–> Thomas & Elizabeth–>John b. 1699/00 & Elizabeth

In Crouseville:

children–>Jeremiah b. 1839 and Josephine–>Nehemiah & Sarah –>Thomas & Mary–>John & Deborah–>John b. 1699/00 & Elizabeth

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