February 1920

Sun. Feb. 1 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

Mon. Feb. 2 (weather fine) Papa and I went up to the woods and got 2 load logs Earl went up to Charlie Johstons and got circular saw we sawed wood p.m.

Tues. Feb. 3 (weather fine) We sawed circular wood.

Wed. Feb. 4 (weather fine) We finished shed sawing circular wood here. we went out to Clearview to meeting tonight. Pauline Moody Mabel Papa and I took Dame and Don got home 2 oclock

Thurs. Feb. 5 (weather fine) We moved machine up to Moodys and sawed his wood got done 3:30 Dug went over after the electricians and didn;t get them.

Fri. Feb. 6  ( weather stormy) I went up and got Jennie we hauled load straw. p.m. We hauled 2 load of hay.

Sat. Feb. 7 (weather stormy roads very bad) I oiled harness in p.m.

Sun. Feb. 8 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and meeting here painted church floor Saturday  roads in bad condition.

Mon. Feb. 9 (weather fine) We broke road up to woods got one tree.. hauled down 2 load logs in p.m.

Tues. Feb. 10 (weather fine) We broke new road up to back barn got 1 load hay and seperator got 3 load of logs.

Wed. Feb. 11 (weather stormy) Hauled 1 solid cord wood to Earn Demerchant  1/2 cird ti truo $13.00 roads in bad condition. got pair.

Thurs. Feb 12 (weather fine) We got 2 or 3 load logs today snow deep 2′ 6″

Fri. Feb. 13 (weather fine) I tool cord wood to Robberts a.m. started for Kilburn missed train went toBath Mrs Killum had meeting there good meeting stayed to hotel.

Sat. Feb. 14 Went to Woodstock arrived 4:30 I got new overcoat $26.00 @ Bath.

Sun. Feb. 15 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Extra good in Woodstock. No special workers in . Clifford and I stayed to Ralkho . Austin stayed to Grants.

Mon. Feb. 16 (weather fine) We went up to Grants to dinner down to Bro. Will Bragdon;s after dinner. Left Woodstock for home 3.35 walked home from train roads bad.

Tues. Feb. 17 (weather fine) We set up machine and threshed run out 87 … threshed 40 bu in 34 min.  20 bunin 19 min. Donald heled up Black down came in.

Wed. Feb. 18 (weather fine) I hauled down 2 load wood a.m. In p.m. I hauled down 2 load wood. We went out to Clearview tonight roads bad.

Thur. Feb. 19 (weather stormy) I split 1/2 cord wood morning and took it over to Roberts got $10.00 out of it. very bad storm in p.m.

Fri. Feb. 20 (weather fine) I broke down dooryard. Cut ice off from roof  I slid off from the roof about 65′. Do cut ice p.m. Austin Moody Dave Papa & I

Sat. Feb. 21 (Weather fine)  I hooked out to bobsled and broke road to provance p.m. we went up to back barn and pitched hay up from bay. Moody helped up.

Sun. Feb. 22 (weather fine) Had Sunday School and 2 meeting here  everything closed up on account of Flu.

Mon. Feb. 23 (weather warm) Papa Earl Ran Moddy wnet up to Fred Fosters. I hauled cord wood up to Milton Grays for Earl. I shoveled out wood pile.

Tues. Feb. 24 (weather stormy) I took cord wood over to Parker Kinney in a.m. with 3 horses . I split wood in p.m.

Wed. Feb. 25 (weather stormy) I hung axe and split wood. Papa went down to Prats.

Thur. Feb. 26 (weather windy) I went up back on snowshoes and fed sheep and broke down dooryard fixed little shed I helped Donald haul around wood.

Fri. Feb. 27 (weather stormy) We split wood in a.m. I oiled single harness Papa finished spliting wood.

Sat. Feb. 28 (weather fine) We broke roads up to boundry line and up to wood pile. a.m. I hauled down 3 gags wood roads very bad.

Sun. Feb. 29 (weather fine) Had meeting here and Sunday School here not very many here.


washburn-pentecostal church

Washburn Pentecostal Church c.1918-1920

Pentecostal Church Plans Convention At Washburn

WASHBURN — The Washburn Pentecostal Church, mother church of Pentecost in northern Maine, and the first organized Pentecostal Church in the state, will conduct a 50th golden anniversary convention June 17-26.

The convocation will also be a homecoming of former pastors, missionaries, laymen and friends.

There will be two services daily during the convention, at 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday services will be at 10:45 a.m., 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m.

Rooms and meals will be provided for guests by the host church.

A welcome has been extended to public by Pastor Kenneth M. MacDonald.

Highlights of the anniversary will include: the evening speaker, Evangelist and Mrs. Ernest Berquest of Tampa, Fla. with their ministry in sermon and song. A dedication service will be conducted Sunday, June 19, at 2:30 p. m. for the newly enlarged and remodeled sanctuary and additional Sunday school rooms.

The Rev. Clifford Crabtree, pastor of the Pentecostal assembly and formerly of Bangor, will be the speaker.

Thursday, June 23, is missionary day with the Rev. and Mrs. Dale Umphrey of Washburn, who are Assembly of God missionaries in the state of Alaska, and Rev. William Wilson, former missionaries of South Africa.

Elder and Mrs. Nelson J. Magoon, of Washburn, rented Mormon Church on Main Street in 1915. The attendance was large and overflow meetings were held in both the Baptist and Methodist Churches. F. Harold Bickford, Mars Hill, assisted in the evangelistic services during the revival.

In the summer of 1916, the town hall was rented and services were continued there. The Washburn Church of Pentecostal Assembly Power was then established having been the first organized Pentecostal Assembly In the state of Maine and the mother church of Pentecost in Aroostook County.

A foundation for a new building was started on the present site and materials and labor were donated.

It was completed and dedicated in 1917. Tent meetings were conducted several months later with Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. These meetings were attended by Moody Wright, Charles Flewelling Sr. who became missionaries to Africa and Clifford Crabtree, now pastor of the Pentecostal Assembly in Bangor.

Elder Magoon, pastor and president of the church, died in 1935, eleven years after the passing of his wife. Their ministry was continued by Eugene Kimball, Norma Bickford, the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Pinkham, Bessie Jackson and Chriselda Cash, Dean Rarrison and Howard Libby, together with George Baker, served as interim pastors, the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Post, the Rev. and Mrs. Renhard Sands, Ethel Sinclair Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. William Gunderson, the Rev. and Mrs. Vernon Cardiff. the Rev. and Mrs. Cyril T. Chegwin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skane, the Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd Sparks and presently the Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth MacDonald, who began their pastorate in August, 1965.

January 1920

January 1920

Jan 1. (weather stormy)
We went up and sawed in AM. shaft wouldn’t stay on shut down 3 PM Earl went down and riped a new one. We filled up some limb wood. Charlie  F,  Moody went to Woodstock.

Jan. 2 (weather fine)
We sawed today finished up sawing here about 4.30 PM

Jan 3 (weather cold)
We cut limb wood today. Randolph helped us I haluled down 4 load. Quit 4 o’clock.

Jan. 4 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School in A.M. 2 meetings no workers in. Big crowd in evening.

Jan. 5 (weather fine )
We went up and moved machine down set up in A. M. Sawed 40 drags in P.M. and Earl cut.

Jan. 6 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today sawed 69 drags. Charlie helped up Earn and I cut. moved Dugs engine over to Herbs.

Jan. 7 (weather fine )
We sawed all day today. Broke saw and saw guide. Austin and I went down and got piece for it. Went over to Willie Dean’s to meeting and got 10 gal gas 2 files. $3.70

Jan. 8 (weather warm ) We sawed today cut 63 drags. David went to Dover. Clifford worked in his place.

Jan. 9 (weather ) Went up and cut some . broke bolts out of shaft shut down 11 a.m. Earl and I went down afternoon. Austin tool load wood to Garfield Cray.

Jan. 10 (weather fine) We went up and sawed about 5 drags. broke all bolts out and shut down. had dinner loaded engine  on sle and Chub and I started for Fort Fairfield got thea 23o back home 6:30

Jan. 11  (weather fine) Sunday School and 3 meetings big crowd in evening.

Jan. 12 (weather fine) We went up and cut limb wood a.m. hauled in p.m.

Jan. 13 (weather fine) Went up and got 1 load and finel rack. Austin and Ran made their rack up in the woods.

Jan. 14 (weather fine) We cut and hauled down today.

Jan. 15 (weather fine) Moody and I went up and got 2 load limb wood a.m. Ausin got 1 load for him. a.m.
p.m. we got 2 more load 5 load in all

Jan. 16 (weather fine) Earl and I went up and cut 1 load and brought it down. Charlie Ran and Papa buchered. 1 weighted 294  the other 162  Papa and I went up and got 3 load wood p.m.

Jan. 17 (weather sunny) I hauled down block wood today. 3 load and split 2 face cord p.m.

Jan. 18 (weather stormy) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings roads bad. Mr Jones and Catherine and Bell went to afternoon meeting.

Jan. 19 (weather cold) Papa and I went up to Herbs and got Dugs engine. we went up back and set up a.m. P.m. threshed our wheat over 50 bus.

Jan. 20 ( weather cold) We went up and threshed oats 56 ber. a.m. brought down. load straw I took 17 feet wood over to Garfield p.m.

Jan. 21 (weather fine) We hauled down hay Frank and Ran helped us. 12 load in all. We went to Mars Hill to meeting.

Jan. 22. (weather fine) We came up Charlie and I We hauled down load hay. Papa and Chub Earl and Winnie went to Mars Hill.

Jan. 23 (weather fine) I split wood a.m. Broke my ace handle p.m.

Jan. 24 (weather cold) I took Papa down to Wills I got Ran  a.m. took cord wood over to Ford Bowers with 4 horses. spent 3.25

Jan. 25 (weather cold) Had Sunday School and 3 meetings Charlie is down to Mars Hill.

Jan. 26 (weather fine) Went up and hauled down 4 load block wood  went down and met Papa racked over load potatoes.

Jan. 27 (weather warm) I took 15 bbls potatoes over got $5.90 racked my load got home ….I racked 10 bbls. p.m.

Jan. 28 (weather fine) I racked up 8 bbl and split 1/2 cord wood a.m. I split wood a.m. broke axe Potatoes 5.65

Jan. 29 (weather warm) Moody and I got load straw for horse shed brought billy down I got load block wood.

Jan. 30 (weather stormy) I went up to Johnstons and got 1 cord wood p.m. I split wood

Jan. 31 (weather cold and windy 30 below zero) We didn’t do much today.

December 1929

December 1929

-Dec 1 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 3 meetings

-Dec 2 (weather fine, stormed p.m.)
We worked up back cutting and yarding

-Dec 3 (weather fine)
we cut and yarded up back

-Dec 4 (weather fine)
Arlie helped & Wellie B thresh. I went to Fort  & Presque Isle with Mama & Dad up to Joels tonight

-Dec 5 (weather fine)
we didn’t do much a.m. Arlie hauled 2 load potatoes p.m. 3.00 per

-Dec 6 (weather cold)
Arlie took horses out got them shod I hauled 4 cord wood 2 to Hersey 1 to Lowry and 1 cord to Geo Milluney

-Dec 7 (weather stormy)
Didn’t do much went out to River got harnesses p.m.
Went to Presque Isle got Moma & Dad

MLF Farm Journal December 1-7, 1929

November 1929

-Nov 1 (weather rainy a.m.)
I mixed concrete for Uncle Lem. Scott plowed a.m.

-Nov 2 (weather rainy)
We finished mixing on flue a.m. Moved mixed over town ???? house p.m.

-Nov 3 (and weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings

-Nov 4 (weather fine)
I churned morning Scott plowed put wood in cellar Lloyd W

-Nov 5 (weather snowed a.m.)
Went over to Mix Victor Hoyt Mixed p.m.

-Nov 6 (weather fine)
Scott plowed. I mixed concrete to Hoyts all day

-Nov 7 (weather fine)
Mixed concrete to Hoyts 1 hr. moved to Nefferts got done 4 :30 p.m.  Scott plowed Arlie hauled 3 load potatoes for Nu B

-Nov 8 (weather fine)
I took over load potatoes plowed John Fitzherburt hauled some 3 cord wood to C L Larson.

-Nov 9 (weather fine)
I plowed out here. John Fitz hauled 3 cord wood to Charlie Clark 1 load to Anat Cass

-Nov 10 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School 2 meetings.

-Nov 11 (weather warm)
I plowed over on Uncle Boyds Hill

-Nov 12 [Blank]

-Nov 13 (weather rainy)
Scott hauled out load manure. I hauled 3 load potatoes for John B

-Nov 14 (weather rainy)
I hauled potatoes for John B 4 load went up got shaf lambs dussed 4

-Nov 15 (weather rainy)
I went to Fort took Lambs Albert went up and Arlie. I hauled out Mamie 6 load.

-Nov 16 (weather fine)
Arlie hauled out manure. I banked farm, Fixed manure spreader and hauled load gravel with truck for … door yard.

-Nov 17 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings

-Nov 18 (weather cold)
we hauled gravel up to school house

-Nov 19 (weather fine)
we hauled 2 load straw fixed tire hauled 2 load potatoes for Stanley Arlie finished hauling manure

-Nov 20 (weather fine)
I hauled 4 load potatoes for Stanley load wood to Wellie Smith Arlie finished spreading manure

-Nov 21 (weather fine)
I hauled 3 load for Stanley 2 load wood 1 cord to Arthur Dicks 1 cord to Joe Wathen

-Nov 22 (weather cold)

-Nov 23 (weather fine cold)

-Nov 24 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings. Bro. Patten was here p.m.

-Nov 25 (weather cold)
We cut circular wood on Green Arlie and I

-Nov. 26 (weather cold)
we cut up on Green Arlie and I

-Nov 27 (weather warmer)
Finished cutting on green

-Nov 28 (weather fine)
went to Mars Hill got Leons folks. hauled load wood to Lester Cheney

-Nov 30 (weather fine)
we yarded on back place

MLF Farm Journal November 3-9, 1929

MLF Farm Journal November 10-16, 1929

MLF Farm Journal November 17-23,1929

MLF Farm Journal November 24-30, 1929

Google Maps

October 1929

October 1929

-Oct 1 (weather fine)
We finished on flat moved over on Uncle Boyd dug over there.

-Oct 2 (weather fine)
We finished digging

-Oct 3 (weahter rainy)
D went over town a.m. Went to Fort p.m. Harvey [Harvey Flewelling]  hauled 1 load potatoes.

-Oct 4 (weather rainy)
Didn’t do much

-Oct 5 (weather rainy)
World around here went to Presque Isle p.m.

-Oct 6 (weather fine)
Was down to Westfield to funeral went down to Monticello evening.

-Oct 7 (weather rainy am) Didn’t do much a.m. Went up back got Herbs sheep.

-Oct 8 (weather fine)
Picked over to Neds 76 bbls.

-Oct 9 (weather fine)
Picked over to Neds 100 bbls.

-Oct 10 (weather fine)
picked over to Neds 84

-Oct 11 (weather fine)
picked in new land. 59

-Oct 12 (weather fine)
picked in newland. 50 bbls.

-Oct 13 (weather fine)
Had sunday School and 2 meetings

-Oct 14 (weather fine)
I picked over to Neds. 85 bbls

-Oct 15 (weather fine)
I picked over to Neds got done at 4 o’clock Alden [Alden Bartley, son of Alice Flewelling Bartley] plowed up back.

-Oct 16 (weather fine)
we penced up back on boundary line.

-Oct 17 (weather fine around 4 p.m.)
we graded up around school ground a.m. didn’t do much p.m.

-Oct 18 (weather rainy) snowed tonight.

-Oct 19 (weather fine)
I plowed up back. went to Mars Hill tonight convention.

-Oct 20 ()went to Mars Hill. big crowd. good meeting.

-Oct 21 (weather fine)
worked up on school ground grading

-Oct 22 (weather fine)
I plowed up back. Went to convention

-Oct 23 (weather rainy)
I plowed up back. quit at 4 o’clock went to convention tonight

-Oct 24 (weather warm)
Alden plowed up back. I put up scabby potatoes for Harley Dodge. 17 bbs. hauled … Harvey & I

-Oct 25 (weather rainy a.m.)
I plowed up back p.m.

-Oct 26 (weather fine)
I mixed concrete up to Archies [Archie Ladner?]. Alden plowed a.m.  I plowed p.m.

-Oct 27 (weather fine)
Went to Mars Hill convention Had good meetings

-Oct 28 (weather colder)
I plowed up back.

-Oct 29 (weather fine)
I plowed up back a.m. got done Scott F plowed out here p.m. I split up some junks.

-Oct 30 (weather fine)
Scott plowed out here. I didn’t do much a.m. went to Presque Isle p.m. took load lumber up Harvey went away today.

-Oct 31 (weather fine)
Scott plowed out here. I hauled rest of lumber to Presque Isle.

MLF Farm Journal October 6-12

MLF Farm Journal October 13-19

MLF Farm Journal October 20-26

MLF Farm Journal October 27-Nov. 2

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September 1929

September 1929

-September 8 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings

-September 9 (weather fine)
We dug cobblers a.m. 54 bbls. I hauled 52 p.m. 3.00 and 1 load for Stanley Miller

Arlie [Arlie McIntyre] hoed plants p.m.

- September 10 (weather foggy raining tonight)
We went up to cut buckwheat, I mowed by hand. Arlie hauled load for …. I reap buckwheat p.m. Arlie oiled truck.

-September 11 (weather fine)
Arlie reap up back today. I hauled 2 load wood. One loads to Clifton Kneeland. 1 load to George Kneeland. Mixed cement for Elden p.m.

- September 12 (weather fine)
Arlie reap up back and plowed. I mixed down to Eldens a.m. hauled 3 cord wood to Kneeland.

-September 13 (weather fine)
I hauled 2 cord and 1 to Knelland. 1 to Eaint Cony. Arlie reap some up back.

-September 13 (sic. 14) (weather fine)
We started to reap buckwheat a m and bakere ap fixed it Eve split some wood p.m.

-September 14 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings.

-September 15 (weather fine)
Arlie finished ??? buckwheat and reap oats. Abbut and I ?? buckwheat a.m. We hoed straw plants. p.m. Arlie reap oats p.m.

-September 16 (weather foggy)
We went up to haul in oats a.m.. Arlie hauled out straw. We hauled in 1 1/2 load pm it rained we worked on stalls.

-September 17 (weather dull)
Arlie plowed 2 hours. I went up with Harvey to Bartleys got load potatoes I had hoed straw and plants.

-September 18 (weather fine)
Arlie plowed a.m. ! turned over grass a.m. We hauled in 4 load p.m. Paro Sisco helped us.

-September 19 (weather fine)
We rolled buckwheat a.m. hauled in 5 load today. Arlie ….

-September 20 (weather fine)
We moved engine up back. We thrashed 4 load. Scott helped us 100 bushels.

-September 22 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings

-September 23 (weather fine)
We thrashed 1 load oats 1 load buckwheat Papa helped us

-September 24 (weather fine)
We went up and hauled 2 loads of buckwheat. Papa helped us thrash p.m. got done at 2 hauled in load scatterings

-September 25 (weather fine)
We hauled out barrels to field and hauled in 4 load buckwheat a.m. Got done harvesting.. we dug p.m. out here

-Sept 26 (weather fine)
We dug out here broke digger a.m. went town got piece for it.

-Sept 27 (weather fine)
We dug out here . Harvey hauled load potatoes for me 25 bbls

-Sept 28 (weather fine)
We finished out back field at 8.30  Mowed in by church.  dug 105 bbs there. I hauled cord wood to Sandy Wortman. Harvey hauled 25 bbls.

-September 29 (weather fine)
Had Sunday School and 2 meetings. Gidion Demerchant was here.

-September 30 (weather fine)
We dug back of church and dug some down on flat. 46 bbls.

MLF Farm Journal: September 8-13
MLF Farm Journal: September 14-20

MLF Farm Journal: September 21(sic)-28

MLF Farm Journal: September 29-October 5, 1929


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